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DevOp Solutions/Transformation

Transforming people, processes and tools.

DevOps Strategy Development.

Addressing the CIO’s agenda. High-velocity application development and delivery is on every CIO’s agenda. Silver Tree delivers through a system that:

  • Assesses the readiness and continuous delivery transformation of your organization
  • Identifies improvement opportunities across the triad: people, processes and technology
  • Creates an adoption strategy and roadmap for transformation

Continuous Integration and Delivery.

“Fast” might be understood by your organization as monthly software releases, or possibly application updates happen hourly.  To support YOUR continuous delivery, processes and tools need to:

Be highly automated and integrated

Support effective collaboration across teams

Enable teams to rapidly deploy smaller, incremental software updates.

Silver Tree IT Consulting & Services deliver end-to-end deployment pipelines and establish or update continuous integration capabilities using best-of-breed solutions/tools and open source software.

From development to production.

Designing & Implementing Configuration Management Solutions. Inconsistent or manual configuration practices can drastically slow down software development and introduce errors. Automated, reliable and reproducible server, platform and application configurations allow teams to develop and test in “production-like” environments, accelerating delivery and improving quality.

Silver Tree’s configuration management solutions are built for traditional and scale-out architectures, reducing or eliminating manual work, increasing efficiency and freeing your team to focus on additional development or operations improvement.

Result? Business capability delivered faster, with better quality and lower cost.  REAL True Value!

The following are representative of the ITAM Services we offer:

Executive Briefing

High level overview of ITAM for executives emphasizing the significant financial and risk mitigation benefits for the organization.  Executives gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of ITAM and how to maximize its benefits.

Software Compliance

Development of a proactive software license compliance program that makes being compliant the natural state for the organization. This keeps the organization from being a target for compliance agencies, reduces the manpower cost of replying to audits and reduces the risk of penalties and fines

Software Harvesting

Development of a methodology for harvesting and redeploying software that results in significant purchase avoidance and financial savings.  This also includes examining end user software usage and replacing higher cost products with lower cost products and reclaiming underutilized software.

ITAM Assessment

Examination of existing  ITAM program beginning with the organization’s overall risk and opportunities for financial gain. People, process and technology are examined across all the ITAM key process areas. A specific roadmap with corresponding metrics and policies is developed.

Tool Optimization

Assessing the effectiveness and integration of all the tools managing the IT assets and producing an improvement plan to maximize the ROI from current tools.

BYOD Strategy

Development of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy that ensures that the organization receives the financial benefit of BYOD while avoiding its unique risks.

XaaS Strategy

Development of a long term governance structure to maximize the value of SaaS, IaaS, etc. while reducing the underlying risk and avoiding over spending on subscriptions.

We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.

Silver Tree IT Services & Consulting transforms people, processes and tools to deliver code faster, with greater
quality and reliability at a lower cost. We deliver applications on time that easily integrate with the most popular DevOps tools in the industry.

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Full Potential – Realized.

Silver Tree Services founders and network of partners have walked in your shoes. Our veterans help you navigate your company through the IT Forest to ensure that IT is enabling your business and full potential is realized. Our CXO Advisory expertise includes:

     – CXO Mentorship

     – Identification of CXO Candidates for open IT roles

     – Executive Account Management

     – Development of Strategic Plans

     – Mergers & Acquisitions Support