Dramatic Improvement in Customer Facing Strategic Application with 50% Cost Reduction

Client:  A leading value-added supplier of wireless communications products for network infrastructure, site support, fixed and mobile broadband networks, and mobile phone accessories. 

Business Challenge: Silver Tree’s client/supplier needed to dramatically improve its customer facing, strategic application that allows customers to manage their own projects.  Originally, the concept was over-engineered, performance was not adequate and it was difficult to maintain.

Approach: Silver Tree implemented its Transformation Execution Framework (TEF), working closely with their global delivery center based in India, replacing the North American application development service provider to rearchitect and thus turnaround the application.

Silver Nugget: This was the first time the client/supplier had chosen to use global delivery resources from India. That door opened for them due to their confidence in Silver Tree’s clarity, accountability and deep expertise enabling successful global delivery for their clients.

Results from Global Delivery Center:

  • 50% cost reduction, while doubling the size and thus production of the original NA team
  • Dramatically increased the performance of a legacy issue
  • Eradicated the backlog of 400 work orders


  • The supplier’s customers were blown away by the dramatic improvement.
  • Relationship solidified
  • With team size doubled, a path was opened for increases in scope and continued growth and revenue

STRONG ROOTS RUN DEEP: Silver Tree not only responded to the challenge of turning around a failing application, but also reduced costs 50% and doubled the size of the production team for future growth, proving the value of their experience and global delivery governance framework.