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HR Services & Specialized Staffing

Domain Experts are No Longer Elusive

A Strategic Approach to HR

Silver Tree Services HR professionals’ objective tactics and strategies align with your organization’s culture, quickly providing the business value you need to support the growth of your organization. Two pillars of our HR offering:

Silver Tree’s deep-rooted, critically vetted EcoSystem delivers highly specialized talent for your specific needs, quickly. Provocative thinkers that challenge the status quo with the very specific skill set your project requires – are no longer elusive.

Facing a major technology transformation? Change Management executed with precision is key to success. A laser focus on properly integrating people, processes and technology with an eye on your bottom line is a Silver Tree core value.

HR Management Challenges?

The rapidly transforming business and IT landscape has led to many human capital management challenges that are continuing to evolve. Bottom line, HR departments need to add real business value to support the growth of the organization in a climate where budgets are limited. If adding full-time employees to your HR team is not an option, Silver Tree Services’ outsourced professionals are the perfect solution to help you assess where you are – and where you need to be.

Need Access to Highly Skilled Domain Experts?

We provide our clients access to the absolute, very best, specialized business consulting and IT talent available by leveraging our extensive recruiting network and next generation eco-system of 300 consultants and 10K technical resources. We identify the very specific skill set needed, and identify the select few in the world, with those industry-specific, proven capabilities. We provide competitive rate structures due to our profit sharing model focused on eliminating margin stacking.


Our consultants go through a rigorous screening process before they are considered for the “short list”.  Once selected, Silver Tree’s Account Executive and Practice Lead maintains an ongoing interface with both the assigned consultant and customer to ensure complete satisfaction.

Recent acquisition? Culture clash?

When companies – and cultures – merge, an objective 3rd party to assist the current HR team with onboarding and integration is vital. We assess, audit and help develop procedures and policies – filling in the gaps. Are you at risk? We can help.

Disappointing Results from your workforce?

An objective HR professional is the perfect solution to assess your organization, determine where opportunities exist and develop a training and coaching plan to bring the results you expect.

Do you have a succession plan?

You know you need one, but it’s a challenge to identify employees that could potentially fill key roles. Silver Tree will conduct a skills assessment of your employees and help identify key players to develop to eventually fill your shoes. We utilize human capital in place to move your corporation forward.

Need a seasoned HR Leader to train recent HR Hires?

Effective HR takes experience and expertise, and often, an organization does not have the resources to hire a seasoned professional. Do you have a issues that no one feels qualified to handle? Bringing in an objective professional to work with the current HR leadership will make it less awkward and cleaner – and provide training at the same time. We also help HR managers fine-tune policies and procedures – to make sure the organization is staying competitive – to attract and retain employees.

Is it time to transform your HR function? 

As your organization grows, the Human Resource function needs to adapt and change.  No longer merely an administrative role –  the strategic HR leader of today understands the need for culture transformation and maximizing investment in human capital.


Silver Tree Consulting & Services is the perfect solution for today’s Human Resource challenges and demands.

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