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Lean IT & DevOps

Dynamic Organizations are Getting Lean

High-velocity application development and delivery is on every CIO’s agenda.

To address the CIOs agenda, Silver Tree delivers a system that:

Assesses the readiness and continuous delivery transformation of your organization
Identifies improvement opportunities across the triad: people, processes and technology
Creates an adoption strategy and roadmap for transformation

Is your SDLC Fit for Purpose?

Most organizations have one standard Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), regardless if they are patching a mainframe system, updating their landing pages, or creating mobile app. The traditional waterfall SDLC has not always delivered the best value. Silver Tree helps organizations think hard about how to best develop code to stay in the game. Consider:

How long does it take your organization to take an idea and put the functionality in the end customer’s hands? Short cycle time is driving the digital revolution!

Budget and bandwidth. Silver Tree identifies and prioritizes the critical components that will deliver value quickly.

What are the deficiencies in current systems? We evaluate, identify and define requirements for success in SDLC.

What is your propensity for Agile? Not ready? We’ll help you get ready through value stream mapping to align operations to the agile mindset.

Creating the SDLC Competency Center – Silver Tree will help you assemble a team to:

  • Define modern SDLCs appropriate for the technology platforms you need to compete.
  • Build the work flow that maximizes the value created for each platform
  • Guide the selection of appropriate tools and guide your software development in selecting solutions, whether physical, virtual or cloud based.
  • Put in place the necessary change management processes to ensure that your modern SDLC will be embraced across your organization

Change Management – Core to successful SDLC is the integration of people, processes and technology.


Silver Tree identifies where change is needed, what you do and don’t want. We gather input from all stakeholders, including customers, salespeople, industry experts, and programmers. We anticipate costly mistakes – like failing to ask the end user for suggestions, to eliminate redundant rework and after-the-fact fixes – before design, build, test, deployment and maintenance.

DevOps – The Final Mile in SDLC

DevOps is the time from when you commit code to your source directory until your customers are using the related services. Your competitors are compressing this time, how quickly are you releasing the service to benefit your customers?

Silver Tree designs the deployment pipeline to move the workflow as quickly as possible from integration and testing to deployment and code management.

Continuous Integration and Delivery.

“Fast” might be understood by your organization as monthly software releases, or possibly application updates happen hourly.  To support YOUR continuous delivery, processes and tools need to:

  • Be highly automated and integrated
  • Support effective collaboration across teams
  • Enable teams to rapidly deploy smaller, incremental software updates.

Silver Tree Consulting & Services delivers end-to-end deployment pipelines and establish or update continuous integration capabilities using best-of-breed solutions/tools and open source software.

Dynamic Infrastructure & Cloud.

Dynamic Infrastructure enabling virtualization and the cloud requires Designing & Implementing Configuration Management Solutions. Inconsistent or manual configuration practices can drastically slow down software development and introduce errors. Automated, reliable and reproducible server, platform and application configurations allow teams to develop and test in “production-like” environments, accelerating delivery and improving quality. Private and Hybrid Cloud Environments are realized with lean approaches such as Code as Infrastructure.

Silver Tree’s configuration management solutions are built for traditional and scale-out architectures, reducing or eliminating manual work, increasing efficiency and freeing your team to focus on additional development or operations improvement.

Enter Lean IT

DevOps has become so prevalent, because by looking at Lean principles DevOps removed extraneous work and handoffs But, why just focus on the final mile?

There are most likely opportunities across all IT functional areas for improvement. Enter Lean IT.

Why Lean IT?

  • Identify and eliminate work with little value
  • Deliver product sooner to the customer, more reliably and with less downtime
  • Eliminate IT silos, minimize handoffs and abdication of responsibility
  • Energize your team by making them responsible for their own work
  • Instill a continuous improvement culture across your organization


Bottom line? Dynamic Organizations are Lean: More responsive, agile and adaptive enabling effective response to new technologies, and thus –  profitability.

What’s The True Value for my Organization?

  • Savings of 16-32% when Lean IT Principles are properly applied to the Deployment Pipeline
  • Our Lean IT Practice focuses a critical eye on your strategic processes ensuring that only value-added activities are retained
  • Lessons learned from Lean Manufacturing such as Responsibility and Accountability of every team member and Eliminating Work In Process are systematically applied to your IT Processes
  • Lean IT is the ideal lever for Platform Modernization, Cloud Initiatives and other Transformative Programs as it focuses on the Value to the End Customer

Lean IT – A Cultural Transformation

Are you committed to making your IT organization lean? Ready to embrace end-to-end IT processes with minimal handoffs and Work-in-Process?

Silver Tree will partner with your organization to embrace the lean mindset. We will direct you down the path of Lean IT transformation-NOT a program, but a discipline to approach, to facilitate:

  • New Development
  • Platform Modernization
  • Cloud Enablement

Lean IT & Silver Tree’s Expertise

Silver Tree enables clients to:

–     Examine IT processes and determine whether they are delivering true value to customers.

–     Build what the customer truly values through agile development.

–     Reduce the cycle time of DevOps from commit to release measured in days or hours vs. a quarterly release.

Silver Tree Lean IT Transformation Services

On-site Assessment:

Identification of high priority IT Processes.

Value Stream Analysis of high-priority processes identifying all work-in-process and non-value adding handoffs.
Walk-throughs are critical to this step.

Determine the most impactful Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for software development (if within scope). Includes properties customer wants to test and architectural components representative of future state.

Program Kick-off:

A high level plan is identified for high priority IT Process (identify improvements/execute) or MVP (go/no go decisions)


IT Processes lessons learned implemented and/or first stage of software development –  identification of IT Value Creation Reference App and independent self-directed team architecting well-defined APIs.

Continuous Improvement:

Coaching and motivating your IT team to think lean at every step, learning to identify and prioritize work-in-process, and propose improvements, continuously.

We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.

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Silver Tree Services founders and network of partners have walked in your shoes. Our veterans help you navigate your company through the IT Forest to ensure that IT is enabling your business and full potential is realized. Our CXO Advisory expertise includes:

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