NOC/SOC - Proactive Monitoring, Maintain Visibility & React!


Application & Infrastructure Managed Services

Silver Tree’s Application & Infrastructure Managed Services help clients gain significant competitive advantage of their digital strategy through standardization, consolidation, automation, virtualization and service orientation. Our methodology includes:

  • Flawless management of the transition from in-house or existing suppliers to the Silver Tree solution.
  • Weekly and monthly service performance reports demonstrating our continued excellent quality of service
  • A governance framework that ensures: client satisfaction, no surprises, optimal performance, everyone is in alignment
  • Pricing that is easily extendable and adjustable based on volume of consumption
  • Managed services consistent with ITIL Version 3

  • Service Offerings

  • Operational Analytics aaS (ITSM) – Visibility into IT Performance
  • Workspace aaS – Keeping Employees Productive
  • IaaS Transformation Services – Supporting Your Current Migration
  • NOC aaS (Network Operation Center) - Proactively Monitor Key Technology Resources
  • Patching aaS - Keep Your Devices and Systems Up-to-date
  • SOC aaS – Security Operations Center – Maintain Persistent Visibility & React!
  • User Behavior Analytics aaS – Utilization and Resource Insights
  • Vulnerability Mgt aaS – Threat Hunting
  • Compliance Management aaS – Strict Discipline for Device Management, Real Time
  • Identity Management aaS – Password and Credential Management

  • Key Benefits

  • A flexible, responsive business
  • Reliability, speed and efficiency your customers demand
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Prevent and mitigate security threats
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Predict and manage the costs associated with your IT infrastructure
  • Focus your valuable resources on growing your business, not maintaining technology

  • Silver Tree Empowers Your IT Operations.

    NOC aaS - NOC aaS (Network Operation Center) - Proactively Monitor Key Technology Resources

    Are you able to both detect and react to changes in your technology enterprise in real time? In your own environment? Silver Tree’s monitoring and automated AI operations capabilities allow for both detection and real time response to faults and threats in your environment.

    SOCaaS – (Security Operations Center) – Maintain Persistent Visibility & React!

    Functioning in concert with our NOC, Silver Tree’s vulnerability and threat management program maintains persistent visibility to current or impending security threats. If you have an issue, we also manage the remediation.

    ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS – Defects can become problems, our goal is to eliminate them before they reoccur. Many of our clients have seen up to 50%  reduction in critical and major incidents.

    CONTINUOUS SERVICE IMPROVEMENT– Using data analytics to continualy identify infrastructure capabilities and solutions that provide higher availability, agility and lower cost – in most cases exceeding SLAs.

    SILVER TREE’S AI-FUELED ITSM PLATFORM is uniquely integrated with operational change management, delivering a true convergence of digital and human resources.

    We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.