Operational Excellence

IT Strategy
& Execution

Silver Tree partners with clients to create high performing teams with a culture of clear communication, ownership and accountability to address the challenge of change. Our methodology is also the foundation for excellence in Program Delivery.

Facing Unprecedented Change?

Whether the result of the pandemic, acquisition, merger, downsizing, cloud migration, explosive organic growth or less subtle changes such as facilities consolidation, key process change, outsourcing, SaaS or COTS implementations, each makes an impact and efficiencies are needed to stay ahead of your competitors.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Assuring Synchronization of Business and IT Change

By integrating with our client’s environment and executing our proven core management process excellence, templates, accelerators, and tools (deployed across more than 400 business units of varying sizes) we deliver demonstrable results.

Program Delivery: Central to Your Successful Change Journey

We look beyond symptoms to the root cause to use processes and technology to benefit the organization with measurable, full lifecycle benefits. Working closely with our operational excellence team, we ensure transformational objectives are achieved or surpassed.

Complex Program Assessment

This approach is the cornerstone to all transformations and especially critical to Complex Program Assessment & Turnaround. Delivering rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track is a key differentiator to our success.

Have an Economic Game Plan? Risk Management Plan?

What is your execution plan? Silver Tree develops an attainable blueprint and action plan with clear owners/accountability and tracking to achieve financial commitments, stimulate growth, and reach business and technology goals while rigorously managing risks.

The Human Side of Transformation – Change Management

Change is Challenging. Even the most innovative people sometimes have difficulty embracing new processes and technologies. We know how to prepare your employees for business transformation and guide them through the process. Leading Change. Our consultants are uniquely talented in leading the people side of change through expert communication, training, advocating and coaching. Planning is key. We partner closely with your identified change leaders within the organization, to: • Assess the readiness of your team • Identify key stakeholders • Develop and deliver required training and tracking progress. Your Success Depends On It. The success of any project depends on people…your executives, your project leaders and your general employee population. If people don’t understand and embrace the change from the beginning, in all likelihood, your project will fail. Studies have shown a 6X increase in likelihood of meeting objectives with an effective change management program!

Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.