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Digitally Secured Mobility Infrastructure – Delivered


CLIENT/OVERVIEW:  Provider of Payroll, HR, Tax, Accounting and Wealth Management Services needed to transform, migrate and optimize its Unified Communications, Collaboration Tools, Service Desk and End-User Computing.



  • Migrate end-user services to Microsoft Cloud platform
  • Windows client migrations across 100+ sites
  • Provide mobility solutions for effective productivity
  • Migration of email from on-premise to Azure O365
  • Quickly provision pooled desktops for roaming users to access business applications
  • File services and AD

Business Challenge

HealthEast was saddled with an outdated contact center solution that wasn’t performing properly. In addition, the organization wanted to better access data from its Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, Epic.


Mitel contact center software replaced the outdated Avaya solution, amplifying service delivery to customers. With more advanced communications capabilities in place, HealthEast was able to build an ecosystem for internal and external customers to access data from Epic via the contact center and channel applications.


    Company Profile – One-stop shop international FinTech to assist customers with the loss of wallets, mobile phones, credit cards, and other important documents, most importantly, managing anxieties!

    Scope/Needs  – Build, enhance and maintain full-fledged portal, back-office operations, partner management and CRM system to manage the business and day-to-day activities of 40,000 customers, details:

    • Customer portal to showcase offerings, attract customers, enable online purchases and manage membership
    • Partner portal for back-end batch jobs, back-office operations and CRM  to

    OVERVIEW: Silver Tree recently managed the due diligence and transition of its client’s IT services, including infrastructure and applications maintenance, to Silver Tree’s IT Managed Service practice after finding opportunities for significant cost savings and a dramatic improvement in quality of service (QoS).



    • Client needed the transition to be complete in six weeks
    • Plans to work onsite for due diligence at the client’s HQ were thwarted by COVID 19


    APPROACH: The due diligence and transition

    IT: Blurring Traditional Boundaries

    The explosion in use and number of consumer devices and ubiquitous information access is changing the way  people work, perceive their technology, and how it shapes their personal and work lives. The constant use of and easy access to information technology is blurring traditional boundaries between work and home life. These shifting boundaries are accompanied by a belief that personal technology—selected and customized to fit user’s personalities, activities, and schedules—should extend into the workplace.

    Historically, most