Significant business and digital transformation planned? Clear path?

Building The Foundation for a Successful Digital Transformation  – A Paradigm Shift to Integrated PMO Leadership

SILVER TREE CASE STUDY: Large, National, Non-Profit– Silver Tree built a platform for the planning, execution and governance of a VERY significant Digital Transformation by 2020.


  • Started digital transformation without path clarity.
  • Change Management: Non-profit, not the same as commercial, not familiar in general terms with the use of and value of project management


  • Established an integrated governance plan across the organization 
  • Collaborated with business leaders and IT to gain a clear understanding of key dependencies across people, processes and technology
  • Empowered program management to drive strategic areas of needed change for digital transformation considering all dependencies, limitations, strengths and emerging opportunities
  • Put in force clear lines of communication with the program office to enable real-time course corrections and change management
  • Established Eight Major Programs to support Digital Transformation by 2020


  • Identified, screened and put in place needed Program Delivery resources to make Digital Transformation by 2020 a reality
  • Established program management disciplines to operate a rigorous directive, enterprise PMO.

Significance: Not a passive collection of project managers, a directive PMO offered a consistent set of methodologies and disciplines that are driving larger org goals and strategies.

    • Team development
    • Total buy-in: Client understands a program-centric approach is vital to their success, with executive sponsors signing up to defined scope, metrics and outcomes