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Unified Communications/ Contact Center

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

The power of UC and the capabilities of a CC for your organization is the ability to identify who called, where they called from, and what they said. This valuable data provides business insight to pinpoint growth strategies as well as pitfalls. In addition, multi-channels allow you to communicate with your customers, how they prefer.

With a powerful UC/CC platform at your fingertips, you’ll have access to tools and applications that were previously reserved for big businesses. Manage trends and keep up with new communication technology in a cost-effective manner.

Silver Tree recommends UCaaS for client environments with 20+ users and for businesses with multiple locations/10+ users per location that have advanced mobility and collaboration needs.


A recent Silver Tree network assessment of a client’s network architecture led to a reduction in carrier spend and general telecom expenses. That savings paid for a new UCaaS solution.

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EVALUATION – At Every Stage

Why Silver Tree? Our evaluation provides an outside view into your company, digging deep into your metrics and processes. We compare them to the 700 companies we’ve worked with to share best practices and identify opportunities for improvement for your organization to execute.
Our holistic approach to determine the best implementation for your organization is what sets us apart. We will transform your current communications environment, developing the perfect mix of best practices, leading technologies and the most effective workforce.
RESULT: Roadmap to Success in Communications

UC and CC Implementation – Rapid ROI

With your roadmap defined, we tailor design to your exact requirements, guiding you through the scenario that best fits your needs:

  • Technology: whether greenfield, upgrades, augmentation, automation, replacement or better leverage available features
  • Process: redesign for better effectiveness, train in best practice methods, introduce quantitative analytics for better results
  • People: Assist with staffing, training and management or fully operate your contact center

  • Our UCaaS services are built on the reliable portfolio of Mitel software solutions and hardware devices. Our service technicians are Mitel Certified, so if you ever need help, they’ll be there.

    MiCloud Flex on Google Cloud

    A purpose-built communications solution that improves business productivity. A unique experience, both internally and for your customers. Built on Google Cloud's proven reliability, security and scalability to deliver uptime and compliance you can depend on. It delivers a complete solution in the cloud to enable unified, scalable and mobile communications to anyone, anywhere and on any device.

    MiCloud Connect - The Perfect Marriage of Ease and Reliability

    Your complete communications, collaboration and contact center service. Backed by Google Cloud's industry-leading reliability, security and scalability to deliver uptime and SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance.


    An enterprise collaboration software and tools platform that powers communications for whenever you need them, wherever you are. With MiCollab, your organization has everything it needs to connect, communicate and collaborate across blended environments—driving the exchange of thoughts and improving the speed and quality of decision-making.

    MiCollab Softphones

    Allow remote and mobile workers to take advantage of a full range of productivity enhancing tools right from their computers – no desk phone required.

    MiContact Center

    Omnichannel Customer Experience Management for MidMarket and Enterprise Organizations

    MiContact Center Business:  Enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform designed to power customer-centric organizations from a private cloud call center

    MiContact Center Enterprise:  An enterprise private cloud call center with an all-in-one interaction management platform that transforms dated voice-only call centers into omnichannel customer experience centers.

    Contact Center Cause and Result

    Root Causes Discovered Across People, Process & Technology

    Assessment includes:

    • Channels – Voice, Chat, eMail, Mobile, Social
    • Self-Service – IVR, AI, Chatbots, Mobile Apps
    • Agent Desktop – Virtual, Remote Takeover Tool, PW Resets, CTI/Screen Pop, Incident Management, Knowledge Management
    • Customer Experience – Voice and Screen Capture, QMS, NPS Survey Tools, Speech and Text Analytics
    • Queueing and ACD – Omni Solution, Separate Tech

    Results – Self-funding Guarantee

    Risk-free approach – when economics are included in the engagement in either increasing revenue or reducing operational cost.

    We are able to offer a money-back guarantee since we are confident our proprietary process and data analysis in combination with our quick hits and long term initiatives will generate rapid results. Since our inception, we have never failed to deliver outstanding value, every time!

    We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.