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Silver Tree Announces Expanded Partnership with ServiceNow

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Silver Tree Announces Expanded Partnership with ServiceNow

Silver Tree Consulting and Services is proud to announce its partnership with ServiceNow. While Silver Tree has helped customers and clients get the most out of their ServiceNow investments in the past, the partnership puts ServiceNow front and center as part of Silver Tree’s leading-edge ESMaaS platform.

“The Silver Tree ESMaaS platform is built on the best possible tools for customers and clients. We choose the RIGHT technology to deliver the outcomes our clients rely on, not just what’s popular at the time,” said Richard Ricks, CEO of Silver Tree. “ServiceNow has been a transformative tool for businesses around the world and now Silver Tree is making this powerful software accessible to even more small and mid-sized businesses.”

With a focus on enabling IT operations transformation in midsized nonprofits, financial services, and manufacturing companies, Silver Tree’s partnership with ServiceNow will help these organizations accelerate their strategic growth initiatives, realizing a greater return on their IT and human investments.

“Silver Tree’s success is built on the trust that customers have in our expertise in navigating increasingly complex technology environments,” said Silver Tree CTO Cliff Strickland. “We don’t take these decisions lightly. Our evaluation of ServiceNow for our customers was undertaken with an open mind and a focus on how we best serve those that rely on our team. We are excited to continue our work with ServiceNow and enable even more businesses to reach their strategic goals.”

To learn more about how Silver Tree Consulting and Services can help optimize your ServiceNow utilization, contact us here.

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