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Silver Tree Launches Vigilance, the Enterprise Services Management-as-a-Service Platform

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Silver Tree Launches Vigilance, the Enterprise Services Management-as-a-Service Platform

RALEIGH, N.C. — RALEIGH, N.C. – October 3, 2023 – Silver Tree Consulting & Services, a company committed to solving mid-market business and information technology challenges, today announced the launch of VIGILANCE, the industry’s first fully integrated Enterprise Services Management-as-a-Service (ESMaaS) platform tailor-fit to meet the needs of mid-market and nonprofit organizations. Built from the ground up to enable IT business transformation, Vigilance is the result of hundreds of IT transformations and continuous interaction with IT leaders on what they need to achieve their goals. Vigilance helps SMEs (small and medium enterprises) take advantage of digital innovations, streamline their business and operate with a better IT toolset than many large enterprises have. The result is improved service, lower costs, and “future-proof” IT that can easily adapt to integrate new technologies.

“The Vigilance ESMaaS platform is the result of decades of work helping IT companies innovate and digitally transform,” said Silver Tree CEO and co-founder Richard Ricks. “Historically, smaller businesses and nonprofits have lacked access to the same technology tools necessary to innovate as large enterprises. Vigilance shifts the paradigm and provides the tools and platform for SMEs to thrive. As the name suggests, Vigilance continuously monitors, manages, and optimizes enterprise IT services and security for SMEs like their larger enterprise counterparts.”

The World Economic Forum has noted that future-proofing SMEs is critical for business growth and innovation. Developed by senior leaders with decades of combined IT experience at companies like Nortel, CSC, IBM, Unisys, Fujitsu, Compucom, and nonprofits like Girl Scouts of America, Vigilance ESMaaS is the only solution that ensures improved business outcomes and employee productivity via improved business service and system availability, with performance guarantees of up to a 15-40% reduction in TCO (total cost of ownership), versus historical spend for equivalent capabilities. Designed to be the perfect solution for SMEs who want enterprise-level services but lack resources and enterprise, Vigilance ensures SME customers get the digital transformation they need and a flexible consumption pricing model that works with existing applications while saving costs.

SMEs and nonprofits have seen improvements in all aspects of IT:  

  • 70% reduction in availability incidents that impact business-critical IT services;
  • 50% efficiency improvement in the IT operations team’s ability to detect and respond to issues that threaten service;
  • 45% reduction in vulnerabilities and exposures; and
  • 15-40% reduction of IT operations and maintenance expenses.

The Vigilance ESMaaS platform also enables business services-based performance management of IT capabilities and supports associated SLA (service level agreement) performance management, giving clients a complete business process performance management platform. The six Vigilance services available for purchase include Managed Security, Managed Infrastructure, Digital Workplace, SIAM (Service Integration and Management), Managed Applications, and Managed Cloud Service. Vigilance’s SIAM service offers a single dashboard that allows mid-market companies and nonprofits complete visibility of their data, the quality of services provided, security vulnerabilities in real-time, and more. Vigilance also maximizes automation capabilities through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to prevent and resolve potential service issues.

Vigilance also helps build a better world, as 50% of Silver Tree’s profits go directly to charity via the Silver Tree Foundation. The funds help underserved youth pursue technology and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills development and careers. The Silver Tree Foundation awards grants for projects and programs in alignment with its mission and values.

Contact or learn more about the Vigilance ESMaaS platform here.


Silver Tree Consulting & Services solves business and information technology challenges for small, medium, and large enterprises. Silver Tree’s VIGILANCE, the first Enterprise Services Management-as-a-Service (ESMaaS) platform, is built from the ground up to enable IT business transformation and is tailor-fit to meet the needs of mid-market and nonprofit organizations. Our deep expertise, holistic approach, and passion for outcomes assure digital transformation, resulting in a real competitive advantage. Founded in 2014, Silver Tree Consulting & Services is a privately held company based in Raleigh, NC, with over 100 employees and growing. Follow Silver Tree on LinkedIn, read our blogs, or learn more at

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