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IT Transformation & Application Modernization

Transforming Legacy Applications to Meet Business Needs

Understanding Application Modernization

Application modernization is a specialized process aimed at upgrading and transforming legacy applications to align with current business needs and technology trends. The primary goal is to make these applications more efficient, scalable, and agile.

Silver Tree helps businesses navigate the complexities of application modernization, delivering tailored solutions that align with your specific business needs. Our team of experts can guide you through all stages of the application modernization journey, ensuring your applications are modern, efficient, and capable of driving business growth.

The Five "R"s of Application Modernization

Our Application Modernization services cater to the five “R”s of application modernization, offering a comprehensive solution to your modernization needs.

Rehost: Also known as ‘lift and shift’, Rehosting involves moving applications to new environments, often the cloud, without changing their design. This step can reduce costs and increase operational flexibility.

Refactor: Refactoring involves rearchitecting an application to take advantage of the cloud’s capabilities. This process enables enhanced scalability, flexibility, and agility of applications.

Revise: This involves modifying or updating the existing code base to improve performance or functionality, enabling the application to meet evolving business needs.

Rebuild: Sometimes, it’s necessary to rebuild an application from scratch using modern technologies and platforms. This step allows for improved performance, scalability, and maintainability.

Replace: In some cases, replacing legacy applications with new, modern solutions (commercial off-the-shelf or SaaS) can be the most efficient approach, offering better features and functionality.

Transforming Your Business with Application Modernization

Our application modernization services can transform your business operations by making your applications more efficient, scalable, and agile. 

We help you reduce costs, improve performance, and increase operational flexibility. Our team of experts ensures a seamless transition, with minimal disruption to your operations.

Our expert team is ready to guide you on your modernization journey, providing personalized support every step of the way. We’ll work closely with you to understand your challenges and goals, design a tailored solution, and implement it with minimal disruption to your operations. 

Learn more about how Silver Tree’s Application Modernization can empower your organization to enhance and revitalize legacy applications to ensure efficiencies and drive business growth.