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Contact Center (CC)


With many customers, Silver Tree’s Data-Driven Opportunity Assessment of your current environment to provide an understanding of your business and technology objectives will allow us to recommend a path forward with the right contact center solution to meet your needs. 


However, for some organizations, the challenge is to improve current business processes and human operations that support the contact center. In these cases, we build on our data-driven opportunity assessment with our design and plan implementation solution to foster measurable contact center improvement through data gathering, benchmarking, data analysis, process optimization, training, and technology. Data, benchmarks, and best practices are shared during monthly workshops to map your path to improvement, with most clients seeing operational improvement within 3 months.


Omnichannel contact center workstations are now being deployed at the same rate as voice-only stations.
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of contact center agents worked from home in 2020. Approx. 65% of them are still remote.
0 %
of leaders believed their contact centers would be hybrid or fully remote post-COVID.
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of companies say that AI is a strategic priority in their path towards better CX and business management.
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improvement in first call response rate equals around $276,000 in annual operational savings for contact centers. Picking up every call saves businesses money.


Legacy on-premise switch or bad experience moving to the cloud?  Transform your current environment with a feature rich UCC platform and basic or omnichannel CC.  Silver Tree is certified Gold Partner with Mitel  – the only provider in the upper right Gartner quadrant for UCaaS, UC and CC. 

Omnichannel: Voice integration with CRM applications and built-in connections with team collaboration tools gives agents better access to customer data and improves internal communications between agents. Full Omnichannel capability provides chat, sms, video, email, voice and AI.  Workforce optimization includes improved dynamic scheduling, management tools and detailed reporting.

MiContact Center

Omnichannel Customer Experience Management for MidMarket and Enterprise Organizations

MiContact Center Business:  Enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform designed to power customer-centric organizations from a private cloud call center

MiContact Center Enterprise:  An enterprise private cloud call center with an all-in-one interaction management platform that transforms dated voice-only call centers into omnichannel customer experience centers.

Contact Center Cause and Result

Root Causes Discovered Across People, Process & Technology

Assessment includes:

  • Channels – Voice, Chat, eMail, Mobile, Social
  • Self-Service – IVR, AI, Chatbots, Mobile Apps
  • Agent Desktop – Virtual, Remote Takeover Tool, PW Resets, CTI/Screen Pop, Incident Management, Knowledge Management
  • Customer Experience – Voice and Screen Capture, QMS, NPS Survey Tools, Speech and Text Analytics
  • Queueing and ACD – Omni Solution, Separate Tech

Results – Self-funding Guarantee

Risk-free approach – when economics are included in the engagement in either increasing revenue or reducing operational cost.

We are able to offer a money-back guarantee since we are confident our proprietary process and data analysis in combination with our quick hits and long term initiatives will generate rapid results. Since our inception, we have never failed to deliver outstanding value, every time!

Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.