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Design Thinking

Are you keeping pace with the speed of change in the digital landscape?

Silver Tree’s process of design thinking for application modernization helps clients identify new target audiences, rethink their offering and the user experience, as well as the business processes that support it. Reimagine how you do business with your clients.

As Microsoft coined it: The Art of the Possible.

Empathize, Design, Ideate, Prototype, Test. If you know exactly what application you want developed, sure, we can do it. But, true value comes in letting go of previous baggage and technology and learning from parallel industries to develop new capabilities (automation, AI). 

Our goal is every customer touchpoint simple, convenient and effective.

Business processes that support the front end are just as important! Business intelligence (BI) is what enables you to manage your business differently. Taking an objective look at processes that need to change and learning how they should be modernized, will enhance predictive as well as results-based KPIs.

Reimagine how business is done in the digital era.

Start with a fresh canvas. Challenge the status quo… 

Differentiate from your competitors​
Redefine and enrich the customer experience
Create new consumption models and channels
Identify new target audiences
Optimize automation opportunities
Design Thinking Methodology

Silver Tree is your partner in Design Thinking, helping clients create new channels and enrich the customer experience.


Empathy/Discovery – Priming & Bench Marking, User Research

Techniques:  Picture Ethnography, Fly-on-the-wall, Metaphor Elicitation, Do-Along, Trend Research

Results: Business & Product Analysis based on observations, Flash Boarding


Insightful Engineering – Problem Redefiniton, Synthesize Insight

Technique: Affinity Mapping, Metafact Naming, 2×2 Matrix

Results: Service Blueprint, Personas, Stakeholder and Customer Journey Maps


Ideation:  UX/UI Design, Technology & Business Process Enhancements, Business Intelligence

Technique: Co-creation, Visual Storytelling, SCAMPER

Results: Affinity Maps, Desirabilty Matrix, Busness Process Change Analysis, KPIs


Rapid Protoyping:  Ideas Explored, Show Feature Intentions, Test

Technique: Wireframes, Themes Defined, Validate

Results: New Architecture & Prototypes Developed


Technical Solutioning: Identify requirements across the technology stack (Connectivity, Device, Security, Scalability, etc.)

Technique: MVP-based scoping  

Result: Execution and Migration Strategy

Service Components Leveraged to Create, Manage and Continually Improve your Business and Digital Transformation

Application Development & Modernization

  • Low Code / No Code App Development
  • Webservices & SOA, API Economy
  • Microservices and Containers
  • E-commerce & Omnichannel  
  • Mobile / AR / VR / MR

Automation & Embedded AI

  • KPIs, Metrics & Monitoring 
  • Robotic / Digital Process Automation
  • AI Powered BOTS
  • Conversational Systems
  • Dashboards & Real-time Alerts\

Application & Data Migration

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Migration to Cloud (App & Data)
  • Data Warehouse Migration (Data Lakes)
  • Re-host / Re-factor / Re-platform / Retire / Retain / Repurchase

Application Rationalization 

  • Business Objectives & Goals
  • Application Consumption Analysis
  • Rationalization / Replacement & Sunset Roadmap


  • DevSecTestOps Framework
  • Multi-Vendor, Multi-Platform
  • DevOps Maturity Assessment 
  • Roadmap & Best Practices

Application Maintenance & Support  

  • Agile and SLA Driven
  • Managed Services
  • Automated / AI powered Testing & QA
  • End User Support & Service Automation

Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.