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Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)

Are traditional voice solutions holding back employee productivity/acquisition/retention, business continuity, scalability, customer communication and thus customer experience? 

Have you optimized your technology spend?

Silver Tree – a solution and service integrator with deep expertise in UC – always delivers as promised and commits to outcomes. Why are we that confident?  Our proven methodology of align, assess, design, implement and seamless management will bring you the UCC results you need in today’s digital world – at a reduced cost.  We integrate with the leading technology players: Microsoft, Mitel and Zoom.

A recent Silver Tree network assessment of a client’s network architecture led to a reduction in carrier spend and general telecom expenses. That savings paid for a new UCaaS solution.

CLICK HERE for information on Silver Tree’s COMPLIMENTARY, high-value network and telecom assessment.

QUALITY AND AFFORDABILITY?  Yes. Cloud-based unified communications deliver quality within budgetary constraints. A full-service, cloud-based solution moves the usual high-cost capital expenditures to an operational expense model and includes the features you need to optimize collaboration: video conferencing, instant messaging, email, chat, voice and contact center integration. 

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Is customer communication optimized- Are you reaching and hearing your customers? Are you maximizing all your current tools to reach new customers and grow relationships? Are social media platforms integrated with your UCC and CC platform? It’s where your customers are speaking out and identifying their needs, giving you the ability to identify new capabilities and thus new sources of revenue.   

Do you have a contact center that provides customers’ multiple, yet seamless communication options ? CHAT, SMS, VIDEO, EMAIL, AI ? Upgrading your current contact center delivers powerful tools (integration with your CRM, social media, etc.) to analyze customer interactions and deliver optimized experiences, manage supervisors to improve performance and automate scheduling (while at the same time, improving the employee experience.)

EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITYOrganizations have no choice but to embrace work from home (WFH) and work from anywhere (WFA). What’s your strategy? How effectively are you collaborating with your highly distributed teams, how productive are they? Performance – as well as attracting and retaining top talent – depends on a seamless and positive user experience as well as flexible mobility solutions. Silver Tree identifies the best solution for you and your unique employee needs, ensuring unlimited collaboration from any place, at any time, now, and into the future.  

BUSINESS CONTINUITY/SAFETY:  Emergencies/disasters happen. In addition, cybercrime is continually escalating. Your organization must be prepared so employees can communicate to customers, partners, vendors and each other. With a UC/C solution, if a security breach or disaster ensues, communications are not interrupted due to redundancy across multiple data centers while leveraging the mobile network. Call-forwarding, calls from any device, and retrieving voicemails is all possible through a secure, online portal. 

SCALABILITY:   Plans for growth, mergers or acquisitions?  Purchasing additional or new technology to enable scalability is typically a large investment. A UCC solution has inherent scalability features. Within your UCC solution, you can easily scale up or down – adding or removing employees, services or equipment, at a marginal cost.


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Omnichannel Customer Experience Management for MidMarket and Enterprise Organizations

Silver Tree’s Holistic Approach to UCC Integration

Simplifying implementation, service additions and management.

Some reports suggest that about 60%-80% of unified communications for businesses have failed. Silver Tree won’t let that happen – guaranteed, by implementing our proven methodology of Align, Assess, Design, Implement, Manage across human operations, business process operations and technologies. Optimizing, integrating and managing your complete UCC & CC environment


First and foremost, we learn how the project fits into the existing and future business strategies, existing operating model and how its implementation can boost ROI.


It’s a confusing dynamic marketplace with numerous options. What questions do you ask vendors? Public, Private or Hybrid cloud? What are the limitations and challenges of each? Vendors don’t talk about their weaknesses. Silver Tree identifies all the players and options and simplifies decision criteria, to qualify your path forward.

Network Assessment

Still on MLPS? Ready to move to SDWAN? SIP Trunking? Technology in place to adopt SDWAN?

Silver Tree’s expertise in Network assessment, design, implementation and management helps its clients identify features needed, those not needed and cost savings resulting in improved performance, increased bandwidth and enhanced customer experience to support your UCC solution.

Design / Implement / Manage

TECH STACK: Silver Tree ensures service quality across multiple vendors, platforms and applications either on-premise, hybrid, or cloud-delivered via real-time management and visibility over assets, transport layers, cloud-based services and security (wired and wireless).

VISBILITY/SECURITY: Visibility and security of endpoint devices data and connectivity—regardless of device, network, or location is also critical with the onset of increased Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). 


Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.