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Cliff Strickland

CTO, Managing Director, Technology Optimization

Cliff leads Silver Tree’s Managed Services (Applications, Infrastructure, and Cloud capabilities) working closely with clients, partners, and our practice and category leads to deliver reliable, scalable, next-generation managed services to our clients.  His focus is driving AI-centric initiatives, not only within our Intelligent Automation practice but throughout IT Service Management in order to optimize organizations and support their strategic growth initiatives. Cliff is a creative and results oriented executive, especially adept at driving the adoption of technology driven business transformation. A career Managed Services leader, he has deep experience in designing, implementing, and delivering managed services incorporating emerging technical capability to improve service and the associated business value. During his 30 plus years he has successfully managed service delivery and transformation programs for CSC, Fujitsu, HCL, and OnX Enterprise Solutions in North America. Skills and qualities central to Cliff’s career achievements  are his ability to: lead and mentor leaders and teams, drive creativity and accountability in the establishment and delivery of world class services collaborating with clients, partners, development and support staff to drive continuous improvement and exploit disruptive opportunities for step change improvement in both technical and business delivery. A few examples of his work include:
  • Responsible for design, creation, and ongoing delivery of a portfolio of cloud based managed service offerings along with delivery accountability to approximately 100 US and Canadian customers.
  • .Centralized all global IT Infrastructure services of a major insurance carrier into a global shared services model.  Managed the effort from launch to final delivery resulting in more than 25% savings in operational delivery cost.
  • Led team of more than 400 staff through strategy, definition, creation and adoption of private cloud offerings for FDA regulated clients based on market trends, competitive analysis, and customer survey data.  Implemented and managed IT Infrastructure for both private and shared cloud solutions into customer enterprises governed by a Hybrid IT management framework.
Cliff has experience delivering across a variety of industries including telecommunication, manufacturing, transportation, banking, insurance, aerospace & defense. Cliff has a BA in Business with a minor in Computer Science from the North Carolina State University and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife Laura and their children.  

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