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IT Operations Assessment – Core to Digital Transformation

Complimentary, 2 Hours

Through our structured interview process, we jointly explore the greatest opportunities for efficiencies, risk mitigation and strategic investment. We discuss your organizations maturity level in leveraging systems/solutions, managing vendors and investing strategically.

DELIVERABLE: A read out of our structured analysis that will initially identify the areas within your organization that we feel can be optimized across your IT Operations, Infrastructure, Applications, Hosting/Cloud Services and Business Processes. Should these insights uncover fertile opportunities, we recommend a more detailed assessment.

$7K (always pays for itself, guaranteed), 1 to 2 weeks

Silver Tree implements a more detailed scope through structured interviews with key leaders. Additionally, Silver Tree identifies the pertinent documents and data that will provide the insight for benchmarking your organization against industry best practices, and thus underpinning solid recommendations. (NDA signed).

DELIVERABLE: Supported by structured staff feedback, document review and data analysis, Silver Tree provides a detailed report and read out of insights and recommendations for optimizing your Infrastructure, IT Operations and Business Processes. This report provides actionable recommendations whether executed in house or with a 3rd party.

$12,500, 2 to 3 weeks

Building on our Data-Driven Opportunity assessment approach, Silver Tree will leverage its broad and deep industry expertise in order to develop a framework for implementation and the sequencing of high-level solutions.

DELIVERABLE: Recommendations categorized as either cost effectiveness, risk mitigation or strategic investment, cost estimates and a high-level timeline to implement.

4 to 8 weeks, $40 to $60K

Building upon all our previous assessments, analysis and recommendations, we develop a comprehensive implementation plan for the agreed scope.

DELIVERABLE: Business case, ROI, cash flow analysis and transition plan. Plan may include technology, people, process, policy and governance, and service model and operating model adjustments. In addition, we will provide a fixed price scope of work and timeline that Silver Tree is prepared to contract to deliver with a commitment to agreed outcomes.

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