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Vigilance - Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management as a Service (ESMaaS)

Vigilance™ is the first and only ESMaaS platform for midmarket businesses and not-for-profits that is always available – always learning and improving – always optimizing your Security, Information Technology, and Business Services, at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Seamless IT Service Integrator

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) streamlines and consolidates IT services and is underpinned by ServiceNow’s process-rich industry-leading ITSM platform. It ensures clarity of communication, projects, and goals to promote a shared strategic vision that delivers outcome-based services. It points to the right provider, ensuring swift issue resolution within a closed-loop process for end-to-end accountability ensuring commitments are understood, tracked, and met. SIAM acts as a one-stop shop for optimized vendor relationship management helping businesses conduct regular contract reviews, address performance issues, and evaluate service quality.

IT Service Integration & Management
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Improved Applications Performance and Availability

Whether a small to medium-sized company or not-for-profit, Silver Tree’s Application Management Services (AMS) enable you to improve workforce productivity, increase user satisfaction, and free up internal IT resources to focus more heavily on growth and innovation initiatives. When integrated within the Vigilance™ suite, it allows end-to-end service mapping and in turn enables committed Business Application Service level reporting and management.

Silver Tree’s Application Management Services

Simplified Cloud Infrastructure Management, Access, and Security

Whether seeking the cost-efficiency of the Public Cloud, the enhanced control of Private Cloud, or the versatility of Hybrid Cloud, our solutions are designed to scale with your business and optimize consumption costs, without compromising confidentiality, integrity, or availability of business services.

Simplified Cloud Infrastructure Management

Unified and Secure Digital Workplace Management

Experience cohesive management of your hybrid Digital Workplace. Silver Tree delivers an integrated, yet modular service that simplifies the management of expansive workspace environments and technologies to improve end-user satisfaction, workforce productivity, and employee engagement.

Secure Digital Workplace Management

Optimized and Secure Infrastructure Managed Services

Our Managed Infrastructure Services provide comprehensive and integrated monitoring and management of network, on-premise, cloud, and IT infrastructure that enhances operational agility, reduces risk, and optimizes infrastructure investments. Our integrated Vigilance™ ITOM and ITSM platforms provide AI and intelligent automation to proactively reduce incidents and their business impact.

Secure Infrastructure Managed Services

Eliminate Cyber Security Impact with Silver Tree’s Managed Security Services

Improve security posture – the ability to detect, analyze, investigate, and actively respond through threat disruption and containment services. Our unique Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution consolidates and integrates endpoint, network, application, and cloud service security data to provide real-time visibility of the threat landscape. Skilled intrusion analysts perform real-time threat hunting and incident management delivering actionable intelligence and mitigation.

Managed Security Services with Silver Tree Services

Modernize Legacy Applications
for Business Effectiveness

Through proven ‘Catalyst’ application modernization methodologies, we ensure the optimal modernization path is selected to address legacy issues. Our approach operationalizes the five paths to modernization: Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, and Replace. We help clients assess their options, define the best ROI, and assist in solution implementation.

Leveraging Data for Real-time Actionable
Insights and Decision Making

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) plays a critical role in today’s data-driven businesses. With the ever-increasing volume and complexity of data, organizations need effective strategies to harness the power of their data assets. EDM provides the framework and tools to ensure that data is managed and governed efficiently, securely, and in alignment with business goals.

Business Process Optimization (BPO)

Optimize and automate processes to enhance productivity, reduce operational costs, and boost return on human and capital resources.

Build and execute the roadmap with recommendations that leverage best practice approaches to avoid common pitfalls, boost customer experiences, and optimize performance and automation.

Create a list of short and long-term initiatives to make a dramatic shift in priorities, operating model, and/or culture.

Employ training to drive process optimization and organization design to improve performance across the enterprise.