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Silver Tree Announces Expanded Partnership with ServiceNow

Silver Tree Consulting and Services is proud to announce its partnership with ServiceNow. While Silver Tree has helped customers and clients get the most out of their ServiceNow investments in the past, the partnership puts ServiceNow front and center as part of Silver Tree’s leading-edge ESMaaS platform. “The Silver Tree ESMaaS platform is built on […]
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Silver Tree University – What is “BYOD?”

What is Bring Your Own Device or “BYOD?” BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device.” BYOD policies allow employees to use their personal devices to work and for work purposes. This commonly includes laptops and mobile devices. These devices are able to access company emails, files, and entire networks. BYOD can provide many benefits in […]
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Silver Tree University: What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a complex and growing area of concern for businesses. It refers to the methods and practices used to protect computer systems and networks from unauthorized access, exploitation or destruction, as well as mitigating any potential damage that could occur. Cyber threats are constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and security vulnerabilities are discovered, […]
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Silver Tree University: What is ITSM?

What is IT Service Management (ITSM) ITSM basically refers to the management and organization of IT services across an entire organization. This encompasses everything from managing infrastructure and personnel to handling compliance requirements for service providers and consulting with clients about their needs. It might seem like a lot, but as technology becomes more ubiquitous […]
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Improved CSAT & $800K in Resolution Savings

Silver Tree’s ecosystem partner for contact center and business process optimization, Insite Managed Solutions ®  improved Customer Satisfaction and delivered resolution savings of $800,000, a 110% increase in revenue for its prominent American grill manufacturer. Their client built an online customer self-help platform to reduce contact center volume as market share expanded, but CSAT and issue […]
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SaaS Optimization Case Study – $500K Cost Savings, Non-compliance Risk Identified

CLIENT: US-Based MMKT ENGAGEMENT: Silver Tree’s Software Licensing SME initiated an 8-week cost/resource optimization audit of client’s “Software as a Service” (SaaS) licensing. The primary objectives were to: Identify organization’s most significant license agreements to establish opportunity for volume optimization and re-negotiation of licensing terms. Create detailed plan to optimize spend on software assets. ACTION: Silver […]
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