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The Role of Application Performance Maintenance in IT Operations

Application performance maintenance is a critical element in the realm of Information Technology (IT), serving as the backbone of smooth, reliable, and efficient operations across diverse organizations, encompassing midmarket companies and nonprofits. Imagine a scenario where the tools utilized by your dedicated team are not functioning optimally. The result is sluggish operations, dissatisfied employees, and […]
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Use Case: Application Modernization for a Law Firm 

 The legal industry is experiencing a profound shift towards digital transformation, requiring law firms to modernize their operations to stay competitive. One critical aspect of this transformation is the modernization of legacy applications. This case study explores how a prominent law firm successfully modernized its applications in partnership with Silver Tree Services, leading to streamlined […]
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Use Case: Manufacturing Company Experiences a Data Breach

 Challenge: Security Breach Threatens Operations  When a mid-sized manufacturing firm in the Midwest suffered a data breach, the impact rattled their entire operation. It wasn’t just an isolated incident but a monumental sign that their digital defenses needed reinforcement. This breach exposed sensitive data, including employees and clients’ personal details – an issue that required […]
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Use Case – Pioneering Digital Workspaces for Mid-sized Businesses

Silver Tree Consulting and Services, renowned for its innovative IT solutions, recently embarked on a mission to transform traditional work environments. Recognizing the shift towards remote work and the challenges it poses for mid-sized businesses, Silver Tree sought to pioneer digital workspaces that enhance productivity, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.      Challenge: Ensuring Employee […]
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How Application Managed Services Can Foster Business Growth

Having efficient and well-maintained applications is crucial for driving growth and staying ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced business world. Companies rely heavily on various software applications, from customer relationship management (CRM) systems to enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, to streamline operations and enhance productivity.  However, managing and optimizing these applications can be a […]
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Understanding the Importance of Application Modernization

Application modernization is about transforming outdated software to meet current technological standards and business needs, from improving security and performance to extending the life of existing investments. This process not only addresses the immediate challenges posed by legacy systems but also prepares businesses for future growth and innovation. Through this post, we’ll explore the critical […]
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Top Takeaways: The Future of IT Services

The role of IT is shifting from managing technology to managing business transformation, increasingly requiring ownership of all aspects of the technology stack that enable and optimize business operations. Evolving to a business services management function, IT must bring together complete visibly of technology stack performance and the business processes they support. This requires the […]
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Five Things to Think About When Letting Employees Work Remote

In today’s rapidly changing work environment, the shift towards remote work has become an undeniable trend, reshaping the way businesses operate across the globe. For many, this transition presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, particularly in ensuring that teams remain productive, connected, and secure outside the traditional office setting. At Silver Tree Consulting […]
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Why IT Consulting Is a Silver Bullet for Mid-Size Businesses

Businesses and organizations of all sizes increasingly rely on technology to drive innovation, enhance efficiency and stay competitive. Mid-size businesses, in particular, have plenty to gain by leveraging IT as they can compete with larger businesses and enjoy continued growth and stability.  However, to stay on top of – and effectively utilize – the latest technology, […]
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