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As global challenges increase, funding models and preferences shift, and governments reduce their support, Not For Profits (NFPs) are vital to bridging many societal gaps. However, post covid, over 75% of nonprofits expect decline in funding and 69% of nonprofits believe transparency and trust to be a dominant factor for donors (Nonprofit Times, CCS Fundraising report).

Silver Tree believes the key to generating donations is by providing transparency of impact, and by leveraging well-stewarded structured, and unstructured data, in order to build a high-quality pipeline.


A conversation between Sarah Angel-Johnson, CIO, Year Up and Tony Doye, EVP, Silver Tree (previously COO at Girl Scouts USA) on the challenges CIO’s in the NFP sector face today and how IT drives mission-impacting results.

85% of nonprofits say:

Technology is the key to the success of their organizations, and those with fully aligned strategies supported by data are more likely to succeed. However, while many have begun the journey of digital transformation, only 23% have a long term vision. Many are still behind, for a range of reasons.*

*Salesforce 2nd-Edition-Nonprofit-Trends-Report

“Change and invest in modern technologies, or risk becoming less relevant.” Silver Tree understands that survival means effective digital transformation, and recognizes that there are significant execution challenges to overcome.
Overcoming Challenges:
Silver Tree’s approach to strategic & operational design helps NFPs overcome these challenges in a systemic way. We build the business case, provide a clear path and provide the technologies and services needed to execute on your mission, while supplementing your scarce skills as you transform. Result: Clear and improved ROI.
Through its values and unique structure, Silver Tree is well positioned to help NFPs transition, leverage assets and optimize staff effectiveness leveraging its unique IT Strategy & Execution Methodology. We assure alignment and synchronization of all the business and IT elements of change. By integrating with our client’s environment and executing our proven core management process excellence, templates, accelerators and tools, we deliver demonstrable results via an attainable blueprint and action plan with clear owners, accountability and tracking.

725 NFP Professionals Surveyed

Antiquated Tech is on of the main obstacles faced in program
0 %
Lack of IT Staff is the biggest New Technology Adoption challenge
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Technology used at home is more productive
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Silver Tree offers a comprehensive assessment methodology, which includes:


  • Operating Model
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Service Management & Delivery
  • Infrastructure
  • Software Licenses & Contracts
  • Cybersecurity
  • Apps Development and Support
  • Operations of 3rd Party Provider 
  • Organization Staffing, Structure and Processes
  • Technology Costs, Effectiveness and Efficiency 


  • Analysis and supporting data for targeted savings
  • Best-in-class Operating Models 
  • Effective governance processes 
  • Optimized 3rd party vendor expense 
  • Assessment and recommended license cost reduction
  • Business processes more effective and efficient 
  • Optimized labor utilization
  • Recommended resource shifts to strategic priorities e.g. digital transformation, architecture, data mining & business intelligence, mobility, security

“Silver Tree’s expertise and passion aligns directly with mine: to help nonprofits be more effective by optimizing technology and business processes, driving down overhead costs to redirect resources in programs to support the mission.”

– Tony Doye, EVP, Nonprofit Vertical