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Intelligent Automation

Activating The Digital Enterprise

Automation Drives:

Labor cost reductions

Process Efficiency

Revenue Enhancement

Better Customer Experiences

Analytical Insight

Automation in place? Challenging to hire and retain staff to maintain and develop new automations?

Solution: Internal Competency Center – A fully integrated team trained and productive within 4 months,  with no reliance on 3rd party consultants or systems integrator.


Silver Tree Drives Intelligent Automation Results!


Automation RESULTS

National Bank automated 235 processes.

Result: 40%+ cost savings & 20% less FTEs* used.


Multinational broadband & telecommunications provider automated 15 core processes.

Result: Hundreds of FTEs saved or redeployed, payback period 12 months, 3-year ROI, 700%.


Global Bank  – Only 10% of millions of invoices reviewed due to capacity constraints.

Result: 80% automation, 99.6% accuracy rate, projected FTE reduction in 2016 is 55%.


*FTE – Full time equivalent of a staff member to work 8 hours a day.

Silver Tree Capabilities.

Through Silver Tree’s proven methods for process identification, automation tool selection, and end user adoption, we have developed an industry-leading approach to embedding automation as a meaningful and sustainable facet of any business function.

• Experienced with over 20 automation tools
• More than 37 automation engagements with 20 clients, many of which are Fortune 1000 companies
• More than 50 automation experts – certified automation developers, automation process experts, experienced automation project leaders
• Built out Automation Competency Centers for various Fortune 1000 clients

Automation: Driving Transformation 

Why partner with Silver Tree? We drive transformation by determing the best tools and technologies for automation. We oversee implementation and deliver dramatic ROI, cost savings and increased accuracy.

There are dozens of solutions in the marketplace today, each with different characteristics and capabilities, some:

Rely heavily on cognitive computing
Are designed to solve certain classes of problems
Are mature
Are more aspirational

As you can glean, there is no “best tool” for solving all problems. That’s where Silver Tree comes in!

We will help you determine the best combination of tools, some using more traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) techniques (rules based with limited learning) and others relying on cognitive, machine-learning techniques. But, we don’t stop there. We work side-by-side with you to implement the automation transformation, augmented by our extensive ecosystem of technology and service providers.

The Path to Automation through your Internal Center of Excellence:

  1. Develop case for action and gain consensus!
  2. Identify operating area of improvement to yield the most significant benefits
  3. Select the right processes to automate
  4. Implement pilot – prove value, learn, set the stage
  5. Leverage insights to develop enterprisewide case & roadmap
  6. Build an internal competency center to support existing and deploy new automations – without relying on third party consultants or integrators.

We look forward to becoming your Intelligent Automation partner.

These technologies are moving fast and deal with a variety of use cases. As you can tell from the above “By the Numbers” case study overview employing Intelligent Automation delivers impressive results, quickly!
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Full Potential – Realized.

Silver Tree Services founders and network of partners have walked in your shoes. Our veterans help you navigate your company through the IT Forest to ensure that IT is enabling your business and full potential is realized. Our CXO Advisory expertise includes:

     – CXO Mentorship

     – Identification of CXO Candidates for open IT roles

     – Executive Account Management

     – Development of Strategic Plans

     – Mergers & Acquisitions Support