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Why partner with Silver Tree?

We drive transformation by determining the best tools and technologies for automation. We oversee implementation and deliver dramatic ROI, cost savings and increased accuracy. There are dozens of solutions in the marketplace today, each with different characteristics and capabilities, some:

  • Rely heavily on cognitive computing
  • Are designed to solve certain classes of problems
  • Are mature
  • Are more aspirational

There is no “best tool” for solving all problems.

That’s where Silver Tree comes in! We will help you determine the best combination of tools, some using more traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) techniques (rules based with limited learning) and others relying on cognitive, machine-learning techniques. But, we don’t stop there. We work side-by-side with you to implement the automation transformation, augmented by our extensive ecosystem of technology and service providers.

Silver Tree’s Evergreen A.I. Platforms are ever evolving to continually enhance the customer experience and your ROI.

  • Our machine learning brain is cost-effective and simplifies the knowledge of your organization. Detailed here.
  • Our AI-Fueled ITSM platform is revolutionizing managed services.

YOUR OWN MACHINE LEARNING BRAIN: The knowledge of your organization, simplified.

Cost-effectively, pull in data from your organization, customers, Internet, events, the world… to give your team everything it needs at the tip of their fingers – specific to your needs.

  • Contracts: Bot reads clause after clause, sifts through, organizes and presents an analysis to quickly make a decision.
  • Government: Quickly learn the impact decisions have on a certain population, and how the population will respond.
  • Marketing: Animated personas allow marketers and product managers to gather a deep understanding of their customers, and test messaging and concepts before they are deployed in the real world.
We train the Enterprise Brain on a specific business use case, relevant to your industry and function, to super charge the power of your workforce.

Silver Tree will help you establish a COE, by:

  • Training and transitioning a competency center
  • Driving a consistent enterprise strategy
  • Leveraging industry advances in AI technology

The Path to Automation through your Internal Center of Excellence:

  1. Develop case for action and gain consensus!
  2. Identify operating area of improvement to yield the most significant benefits
  3. Select the right processes to automate
  4. Implement pilot – prove value, learn, set the stage
  5. Leverage insights to develop enterprise–wide case & roadmap
  6. Build an internal competency center to support existing and deploy new automations – without relying on third party consultants or integrators.

Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.