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Delivering Agility & Flexibility

Click on the quick video to learn how: Silver Tree identified and implemented savings of 40% and helped this IT Department evolve to a new operational model – resulting in better quality of service at a lower cost. Services include:

Business Process Consulting
Applications Development
Customer Applications Support
Full-scope Infrastructure Managed Services
Hosting/Cloud Services

Interview with Mid-Market CIO on her organization’s relationship with Silver Tree: Values Aligned, Strategic Focus, Ease of Adaptability.


Silver Tree believes Mid-Market organizations are under-served by solution and service integrators – which is why we are so passionate about bringing to the Mid-Market the agility and flexibility they need to thrive.


Silver Tree Identified & Implemented Savings of 40% for this Mid-Market client and helped them evolve to a new operational model that supports the strategic goals of the organization.


Silver Tree’s Executive Team has deep roots in the consulting and services space, resulting in a multitude of trusted, long-standing relationships with service providers that’s values and expertise aligns with that of Silver Tree. The result? Silver Tree’s Curated Ecosystem.

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