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Managed Applications

Managed ApplicationsSecure and Always Available for Faster Performance

Business applications play a crucial role in enabling seamless communication, content consumption, and efficient work processes.

Applications are versatile, running on various platforms such as mobile and desktop operating systems, the cloud, and physical or virtual servers.
Applications serve as vital tools for organizations to manage internal operations and interactions with customers.
Applications are designed to help mitigate risks and drive end-user productivity and satisfaction.

Mitigating Risks and Improving End-User Productivity and Satisfaction

Silver Tree’s Application Management Services (AMS) help mitigate risks and drive end-user productivity and satisfaction. 

Whether you are a small to medium-sized company or a large enterprise, Silver Tree’s AMS enables the following:

Improves internal efficiency,
Increases user satisfaction,
Frees up your internal IT team to focus on innovative initiatives instead of constantly returning to existing, or outgoing, technology.

Real-time analysis

Silver Tree’s Managed Application Services (MAS) solution will provide you visibility into application performance in near real-time. In addition to role-based dashboards, we offer an advanced alerting system that ensures designated resources know about any issues that crop up. 

Predictive, not reactive

Catching an issue before it happens is the best way to impact the customer experience positively. Silver Tree’s MAS includes predictive analytics that can tell you what might happen based on current data. 


Silver Tree’s MAS use machine learning and AI to preemptively address some issues, making MTTR almost instantaneous. 


Our MAS solution looks at application performance from a holistic perspective, including third-party solutions, to determine the root cause of a performance problem. 

Code level

Tracking performance down to the code level also makes it easier for developers to determine the root cause of a performance problem and speed up remediation.

Deep Skills and Expertise

Silver Tree leverages experienced resources specialized in specific business apps, and programming languages and has the database expertise to manage your applications. You can scale up or down this service as needed so you’re never paying for more than you need or short of resources. 

Learn more about how Silver Tree’s Managed Application Services can help you improve workforce productivity, increase user satisfaction, and free up internal IT resources to focus more on growth and innovation initiatives.