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Digital Transformation Assessment

Thank you for attending our roundtable. The polling showed that many of you are on your ‘Digital Transformation’ journey, but may need assistance in roadmap development, and wherever that may lead through prioritization. Silver Tree can help you on your journey and value realization through fund development, process improvement, data and analytics… and more.

Sadly, thirty percent of technology projects fail.

The crucial and often missing first step in a digital transformation is conducting an objective, focused assessment of your organizational readiness across four key areas: customer experience, employee experience, business processes, and systems, products, and services.

This Nonprofit Digital Transformation Assessment helps you understand gaps across these four areas and identifies mitigation strategies. The assessment provides you with:

  • Immediate suggestions for fine-tuning your readiness
  • The Nonprofit Digital Transformation roadmap customized to your company
  • A specific framework to improve your transformation success

To get started with an Assessment for your Nonprofit organization, click the Complimentary Assessment button below. We look forward to hearing from you.