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Alexandra Haefele


Top Takeaways: The Future of IT Services

The role of IT is shifting from managing technology to managing business transformation, increasingly requiring ownership of all aspects of the technology stack that enable and optimize business operations. Evolving to a business services management function, IT must bring together complete visibly of technology stack performance and the business processes they support. This requires the […]
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Why IT Consulting Is a Silver Bullet for Mid-Size Businesses

Businesses and organizations of all sizes increasingly rely on technology to drive innovation, enhance efficiency and stay competitive. Mid-size businesses, in particular, have plenty to gain by leveraging IT as they can compete with larger businesses and enjoy continued growth and stability.  However, to stay on top of – and effectively utilize – the latest technology, […]
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Success Stories: How Nonprofits Are Leveraging Managed IT Support

Nonprofits are increasingly relying on technology to streamline operations, amplify their impact, and achieve their missions. However, many nonprofits face challenges due to limited resources and expertise in managing complex IT systems.   Managed IT support has emerged as a crucial ally for nonprofits, empowering them to navigate the digital landscape efficiently. For nonprofits, managed IT […]
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Tailoring Managed IT Services for Mid-Size Business Needs

Mid-size businesses face a unique set of challenges that demand robust and tailored IT solutions. As these organizations strive for growth and efficiency, embracing managed IT services becomes a strategic choice.   Let’s look closer at the significance of customized solutions and how they can help meet the specific needs of mid-size businesses. We’ll highlight how […]
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7 ways IT services transform nonprofit operations to maximize social impact

Nonprofits are increasingly recognizing the need to leverage managed IT services to enhance their operational efficiency and, consequently, maximize their social impact. The integration of IT into nonprofit operations not only streamlines processes but also opens up new avenues for innovation, collaboration, and outreach.   Here are 7 key ways that managed IT services can […]
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