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Silver Tree University: What is Digital Transformation?

Silver Tree University is made up of short posts and condensed resources to help business leaders learn how technology impacts business the world over. To learn more details about any Silver Tree University topic, contact us here or visit the Silver Tree Blog. What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is the process of using digital […]
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Cyber Security Challenges for Growing Businesses

As business evolves to run digitally, the risk of a data breach or cyber attack is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. For growing companies in particular, the increased risk of cyber threats can be a natural result of accelerated hiring, an increased customer base, and the continued growth of data a company […]
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Five Traits that Make for Great IT Leaders

What makes for a great IT leader? On the one hand, a resume long on experience can give the impression that an individual has the expertise necessary to lead an IT team. On the other hand, there are a number of skills and abilities that have nothing to do with IT work experience that factor […]
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Silver Tree and Innominds Announce Joint Partnership

Silver Tree Consulting & Services today announced a partnership with Innominds to bring innovation to IT operations transformation for small and medium-sized organizations. Silver Tree’s leading Service Integration and Management platform and ITSM experience will combine with Innominds’ innovative software and product engineering expertise to deliver transformative ITSM solutions. Underpinned by Silver Tree’s proprietary Service Integration and Management […]
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How AI can turn your IT team from Reactive to Proactive 

As the head of IT for a medium-sized company, you are under pressure to deliver on digital transformation projects. Unfortunately, your team is stuck in firefighting mode. The challenges and needs of the day leave little time to transform your IT operations. You know that your IT operations function needs to transform but you don’t […]
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Where does Automation fit in your Not for Profit?

How Automation Can fit in your Not for Profit  Not-for-profits the world over face many of the same challenges. How do you further your mission while recognizing budget constraints? How do you improve efficiency with limited resources? How do you balance the investments necessary to keep operations running with the investments required to adapt your […]
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Evaluating the Service Quality of Your IT Operations Tools  

IT operations tools are software applications and/or platforms used to manage and monitor IT infrastructure, typically in a data center. They help IT staff to keep track of the performance, availability, and security of systems and network devices. Common tools include ticketing systems, configuration management databases (CMDBs), server monitoring tools, and load balancers.  Evaluating the […]
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Dramatic Improvement in Customer Facing Strategic Application with 50% Cost Reduction

Client/Overview: A leading value-added supplier of wireless communications products for network infrastructure, site support, fixed and mobile broadband networks, and mobile phone accessories needed dramatic improvement in their customer-facing application that allows customers to manage the installation of new or retrofitting of cell towers just-in-time. Business Challenge: The existing concept was over-engineered, performance was not […]
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