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Mr. / Mrs. Software Vendor: Check your tactics at the door.

Software Vendor: Check Your Tactics at the Door! Are software vendors pressuring you for a decision? Threatening a compliance action? Giving you an expiration date for discounts? Throwing more and more “free” products into the offer? Don’t cave! Software License Optimization (SLO) is the brilliant solution. Software licensing is complex and only getting worse with […]
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Is your IT support capability moving at the speed of business?

As enterprise capabilities are increasingly delivered from various “clouds” to an ever changing array of digital endpoints, is your user experience empowered or confused?  The ability to understand the landscape of your enterprise as it changes, detect changes and faults impacting the experience of your employees and customers, smoothly adopt and integrate new solutions, and […]
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You’ve Been Breached

Your organization has been breached.  What do your executives expect you to do in the first fifteen minutes? What systems take priority? Information Technology powers the organization. Does your response plan align with the business priorities? As the CIO or CISO you are trusted to: Keep the organization running; Protect the organization from an ever-expanding […]
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What is your ITSM data telling you?

  ITSM data is a source of tremendous insight that leads to business impact. Want to drive significant real service and availability improvement for your business? Does your organization need: Stronger alignment between IT and business processes? Improved service delivery and customer satisfaction? Cost reductions through improved utilization of resources? Greater visibility of IT costs […]
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Silver Tree Leverages Apptinuum for AI Fueled End-User Application, Device and Infrastructure Management

NEW YORK, NY – September 24, 2018: Silver Tree Consulting & Services signed on today with Apptinuum, a platform developed by ChoiceWORX, to provide artificial intelligence fueled end-user application, device support, and infrastructure management to their clients and internal operations. ChoiceWORX, an intelligent automation software firm that is revolutionizing Information Technology (IT) operations, recently launched […]
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Microsoft Licensing – Need a Secret Decoder Ring?

“We asked Silver Tree to help us save 40 to 50% on Microsoft licensing while maintaining the high-level of service we currently have in place. They didn’t.   Silver Tree put together a strategy for Microsoft licensing that saved us over 75% annually. And, they did it in less than two months.”  – Brian Buchanan, CIO, […]
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Process Mapping – 4-7x ROI

  Workforce Challenges? Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs Underdeveloped Supervisors Dramatic Shift in Operating Model High Attrition Inconsistent Service Levels Suboptimal J.D. Power Ratings Late Payment Interest (LPI) Department Hand-Offs Aging Inventories for Pending Claims or Recalls Re-engineer processes, re-organize workforce, automate or improve data quality and depth? Depends.Take a step back. What’s the entire landscape? […]
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Why Why Matters

Why Why Matters in B2B In June 1776, brave Betsy Ross was a widow struggling to run her own upholstery business. Upholsterers in colonial America not only worked on furniture but did all manner of sewing work, which for some included making flags. According to Betsy, General Washington showed her a rough design of the […]
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