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Surprised by team performance?

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Surprised by team performance?

Operational Excellence – Ever surprised by the performance of your team? If yes, your operating model might be bogged down by too many layers and hand offs…

Straight Talk. If you have ever experienced less than expected performance, and you suspect your organization would benefit from fine-tuning management and operations processes into best practices, here are a guiding principles that should serve as a model for your business unit. While a few might seem “basic”, take time to really examine whether your business unit truly has these foundational operational excellence practices in place, ongoing.

  • Management team clearly understands the business objectives, what’s expected of them, have a plan to deliver AND take full ownership/accountability for delivering
  • An Economic Game Plan in place defining delivery of your financial commitment to the company
  • A disciplined risk management process with clearly defined owners, accountability, actions, due dates and mitigation plans
  • Bottom to top, all levels of your organization demonstrates a culture of ownership and accountability
  • Communication and relationship satisfaction improvement plans/actions for your customers (internal & external) and employees
  • A clear understanding and management of your contractual rights and obligations under your various agreements – with clients and suppliers, holding clients and suppliers accountable to their rights and obligations
  • Your team works from a common data repository so you have “one version of the truth”
  • Meeting discipline: Action registers, thoughtful agenda, right attendees, decisions are made, no churn, dependencies are known, etc.

How did you score? Silver Tree’s Operational Excellence Governance specialists will help you determine “so what can I do about these challenges?” using a process, templates and tools that have been deployed across more than 400 business units of varying sizes (from $20m/year to $700m/year).  The program creates a high performing team and a culture of clear communication, ownership and accountability

Outcome – Governance without ROI is not governance!  Our clients typically receive 3-7x ROI within 12 months of implementation of our recommendations.

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