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Is your IT support capability moving at the speed of business?

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Is your IT support capability moving at the speed of business?

As enterprise capabilities are increasingly delivered from various “clouds” to an ever changing array of digital endpoints, is your user experience empowered or confused? 

The ability to understand the landscape of your enterprise as it changes, detect changes and faults impacting the experience of your employees and customers, smoothly adopt and integrate new solutions, and react to digital indicators in digital time will be key to your journey. 

Silver Tree converges both innovative technology and deep delivery experience in transforming your IT support to “Digital Enterprise” performance while achieving cost efficiency in the range of 25-65%.

The Silver Tree Value Proposition:

  Identify opportunity that is real for you through our Automation Assessment of End-User Devices and Support Applications 

We meet you where you are. Working collaboratively, we produce a projection of the real automation opportunity that is based on your environment and your intimate knowledge of its inner-workings. 

Only then do we apply our expertise in support automation approaches, technologies and implementation options.  The result is a satisfaction guaranteed proposal oriented around the real challenges and opportunities facing you today as you describe them, designed to produce outcomes!:

  • Improved Efficiency 25-65%

The convergence of digital labor, self-service features and human actors made possible by AI-powered technologies offers automation rates that exceed RPA solutions alone, reducing your labor and support costs by a factor of 25-65%

  • Speed-to-value: Days, not months

Built for purpose platforms & solutions that deliver independent value or integrate easily into existing service desk and systems management tools, realizing value contribution in days not months.

  • Boost competitive edge

Intelligent Automation handles issues before the call to the service desk is made, both reducing the overall volume and arrival rate of faults and tickets and improving employee productivity through reduced support distractions

  • Lower cost-of-adoption

SaaS-based technology alternatives reduce capital investment, and targeted implementation reduces complexity as well as on-going costs to quickly pass savings on to your customers

  • Enhance user experience

Increasingly intuitive interfaces and specialized technology optimized for the end user enables effective customer support, delivering a superior customer experience overall.

  • Deliver real innovation

Get a head start on your automation strategy  by focusing not only on comprehensiveness of solutions, but simplicity of deployment as well, providing state-of-the-art Intelligent Automation to your enterprise with ease .

Assessment Content Focus

  1. Who benefits from automation, where are they and what is the anticipated benefit? Importance: Informs the approach to support automation and the processes and technologies involved
  2. What does your end-user device landscape look like, and how secure is it today?  Importance: Generally, the more different types of digital endpoints in use, the higher the potential benefit of device management and support automation.
  3. How many support transactions do you currently support, how do they come to you, and how are they resolved? Importance: Establishes where the enterprise is on the “Low-touch / High-touch” continuum
  4. How are you organized to provide support today, how proficient is your delivery and how much does it cost today? Importance: Establishes the current operational delivery baseline from which the impact of automation can be monetized, enabling user satisfaction impact projection

Assessment Approach: Collaboratively Plan, Prepare, Assess, Propose

Step 1Select the right people and information required across all involved parties for a conference call to:

  • Establish the objectives, content, accountabilities, and dependencies of the assessment
  • Discuss the data that is needed, how easy or difficult it may be to retrieve, systems it may be in, and the best way to get it regardless of format.  It’s the content of information that is important.
  • Action the data collection effort

Step 2Collect and post the data:  Prior to the onsite assessment, analyze any available data that can be collected, collaboratively iterate the findings, and construct the detail plan for the assessment session and involvement of all participants.

Step 3Assessment:  Silver Tree onsite to conduct interviews, discussions, and workshops to distill, prioritize, and correctly reflect automation opportunities and projected benefit of addressing each.  A preliminary ROI analysis will be shared at the conclusion of the onsite assessment.

Step 4Presentation:  Based on the data collected, jointly agreed target opportunities and ROI potential, Silver Tree submits a formal proposal for an “Intelligent Automation” driven IT Transformation program based explicitly on the specific challenges and constraints agreed with the customer during the assessment process

Outcome – Upon implementation, Silver Tree’s clients typically realize 25-65% reduction in labor and support costs with value implementation in place in days, not months – while delivering a superior customer experience.

Contact Silver Tree to learn how to leverage our Support Automation Assessment to reduce labor and support costs dramatically and increase superior customer experiences.

Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.