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Process Mapping – 4-7x ROI

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Process Mapping – 4-7x ROI


Workforce Challenges?

  • Increase Revenue, Reduce Costs
  • Underdeveloped Supervisors
  • Dramatic Shift in Operating Model
  • High Attrition
  • Inconsistent Service Levels
  • Suboptimal J.D. Power Ratings
  • Late Payment Interest (LPI)
  • Department Hand-Offs
  • Aging Inventories for Pending Claims or Recalls

Re-engineer processes, re-organize workforce, automate or improve data quality and depth? Depends.
Take a step back. What’s the entire landscape? A focus on one is limiting – each relies on the other. Besides, automating a bad process just makes the bad process faster.

Solution: Leadership development and optimizing the mix of tech, people, processes and data to decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction:

  • Technology – Introduce automation that turbo charges your processes
  • People – Readjust workforce to align to new technologies
  • Processes – Maximize performance with minimal resource consumption and maximum customer satisfaction
  • Data – Leverage to fuel proactive, actionable insight

Through our partner ecosystem, Silver Tree has in place the talent to deliver 4-7X ROI to address your workforce challenges, a few case studies: 


Facilitated training for Supervisors for a leading insurance company client, teaching them how to utilize behavior profile assessments to identify characteristics of their high performing agents, how to route calls based on agent performance, how to implement compensation programs where the majority of the income is directly related to performance, and how to implement quick service speeds.

Saving them $1.2M per annum


A leading telecom company implemented Impact360, a Workforce Optimization software tool. They needed assistance in using “phantom” agents to help determine the total agents needed and the optimal schedules for those agents. They first reached out to Verint, the Impact360 software developer, who sent several employees directly to their contact center. After several visits, the software technicians were unable to resolve the forecasting issue.  We came to the center and were able to uncover an inappropriate forecast modification step that dramatically overstated staffing requirements.

Saving them over $5,000,000


At a major airline company, we facilitated customized analytics training by combining our best practices with the culture of their organization and by implementing practical methods and timelines to limit the loss of momentum.  We taught their agents how to:

  • measure and define quality in each of their contact center support departments
  • improve performance by utilizing a structured methodology and process/data analytics
  • communicate the improvements within their company

Saving them $1.3M per annum

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