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Process Mapping

Do your customers find it easy to do business with you?

Today’s digital enterprise delivers the best customer experience when it brings process, people, data and technology together as a whole, resulting in increased revenue, cost savings or both.

Our process includes a deep examination of processes, benchmark analysis and a precise, detailed view of business flow with key metrics and customer journey experience gauges.

When identified improvements are implemented, this investment is consistently self-funded with payback typically in months.

Client Use Cases

Deep Examination of Processes – From the Customer’s Perspective (Client Use Cases)

Contact Center: The quintessential touchpoint with the customer. Found at most stages of the customer journey, from sales to orders to fulfillment and customer service. We examine and look for the following indicators that point to the need to take a closer look:
  • Customer frustration
    • Negative feedback
    • Abandonment
    • Channel-hopping
    • Repeat interactions
  • High operating cost
  • Unable to adapt to uneven demand
  • Lack of visibility to performance
  • Ineffective upsell/cross-sell

Insurance Claim Processing: Customer experience is not limited to just touchpoints. Largely an internal function, the performance of claims processing has material impacts on the customer in the end, with effects like price competitiveness, responsiveness or quality. A few call-to-action indicators:

  • Slow processing – poor customer experience
  • High error rate
  • High labor expense
  • Late payment penalties
How We Do It
We dive deep into all aspects of the operation, pulling all relevant data, observing people doing the work, and examining the technology landscape. In advance of being onsite, we facilitate a kick-off meeting to introduce key individuals, review the objectives, walk through the timeline, review available reports and answer questions. Concurrently, we collaborate to produce the onsite schedule.

Benchmark Analysis of Process Flows

Silver Tree looks for handoffs, stall points, variation, customer sentiment, and other moments of opportunity. Concurrently, we analyze the data from your relevant systems (CRM, HRMS, payroll, ACD, speech analytics, workforce management, ticketing, etc) and from our time-and-motion tool. We then pinpoint specific high-value opportunities and form immediately-executable recommendations, while ensuring we adjust for your operating environment (industry, size, technology, capability).

Interactive Opportunity Workshop

Sharing findings, supporting analysis, and recommendations, we work together to review and refine an improvement plan that prioritizes impact, effort and cost. We walk your participants through a list of quick hits that can be implemented with your staff within 30 days.


The result of this rigorous assessment of the current state to move to industry-leading levels provides a precise view of the optimal business flow and the case for change, including: 

 – Actionable processes

– Organization and technology changes

– Automation recommendations

– Your roadmap to take action 

When implemented, this investment is consistently 

self-funded with payback often in just months.

Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.