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Silver Tree believes large enterprises are short-changed by solution and service integrators – which is why we are so passionate about bringing to Enterprises the intellectual horsepower our experts provide (we have more experience than many leaders in the “Big 5” consulting and services companies, check out our bios and the exceptional agility to scale to the enterprises’ unique needs.)

When’s the last time you had a team of expert senior executives working directly with you?


Silver Tree delivered an enterprise business solution to a large financial enterprise ($15 Billion+ ) with 20,000 users experiencing daily outages and poor performance with Microsoft Exchange – a recent move from Lotus Notes. The financial giant went from daily outages to not a single outage for several months.


Scalability! Silver Tree’s Executive Team has deep roots in the consulting and services space, resulting in a multitude of trusted, long-standing relationships with service providers that’s values and expertise aligns with that of Silver Tree. The result? Silver Tree’s Curated Ecosystem.

Silver Tree’s ecosystem provides access to approximately 400 consultants across North America as well as 12,000 global resources for managed services, ITSM, application development, cloud migration, cyber security, intelligent automation, unified communications, customer call centers and more.

Integrating our strong partners with the intellectual horsepower and governance of the Silver Tree team allows our clients to scale up or down on demand – providing the agility and flexibility backed by Silver Tree’s senior-level intellectual horsepower.

Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.