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Case Studies

Use Case: Application Modernization for a Law Firm 

 The legal industry is experiencing a profound shift towards digital transformation, requiring law firms to modernize their operations to stay competitive. One critical aspect of this transformation is the modernization of legacy applications. This case study explores how a prominent law firm successfully modernized its applications in partnership with Silver Tree Services, leading to streamlined […]
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Use Case: Manufacturing Company Experiences a Data Breach

 Challenge: Security Breach Threatens Operations  When a mid-sized manufacturing firm in the Midwest suffered a data breach, the impact rattled their entire operation. It wasn’t just an isolated incident but a monumental sign that their digital defenses needed reinforcement. This breach exposed sensitive data, including employees and clients’ personal details – an issue that required […]
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Use Case – Pioneering Digital Workspaces for Mid-sized Businesses

Silver Tree Consulting and Services, renowned for its innovative IT solutions, recently embarked on a mission to transform traditional work environments. Recognizing the shift towards remote work and the challenges it poses for mid-sized businesses, Silver Tree sought to pioneer digital workspaces that enhance productivity, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.      Challenge: Ensuring Employee […]
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Success Stories: How Nonprofits Are Leveraging Managed IT Support

Nonprofits are increasingly relying on technology to streamline operations, amplify their impact, and achieve their missions. However, many nonprofits face challenges due to limited resources and expertise in managing complex IT systems.   Managed IT support has emerged as a crucial ally for nonprofits, empowering them to navigate the digital landscape efficiently. For nonprofits, managed IT […]
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Assessment Leads to Cost Savings to Fund Digital Transformation

CLIENT:  MMKT Not for Profit ENGAGEMENT: Silver Tree Consulting & Services assessed the NFP’s Infrastructure, Unified Communications & Collaboration tools and processes, Contact Center, and Applications development and maintenance with a goal to: Find cost savings to redirect to strategic initiatives Modernize applications Leverage BI, data and analytics (predictive modeling, data lakes) Enhance and better […]
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Dramatic Improvement in Customer Facing Strategic Application with 50% Cost Reduction

Client/Overview: A leading value-added supplier of wireless communications products for network infrastructure, site support, fixed and mobile broadband networks, and mobile phone accessories needed dramatic improvement in their customer-facing application that allows customers to manage the installation of new or retrofitting of cell towers just-in-time. Business Challenge: The existing concept was over-engineered, performance was not […]
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