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Dramatic Improvement in Customer Facing Strategic Application with 50% Cost Reduction

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Client/Overview: A leading value-added supplier of wireless communications products for network infrastructure, site support, fixed and mobile broadband networks, and mobile phone accessories needed dramatic improvement in their customer-facing application that allows customers to manage the installation of new or retrofitting of cell towers just-in-time.

Business Challenge: The existing concept was over-engineered, performance was not adequate, and it was difficult to maintain. At the same time, the new application needed to integrate with the transition from legacy processes to the new ERP system being deployed.

Action: Leveraging its Business & IT Transformation Methodology, Silver Tree worked closely with the client and hand-in-hand with their global delivery center based in India to rearchitect and thus turnaround the application completely –  displacing the incumbent NA based development team.

Silver Nugget: This was the first time the client/supplier had chosen to use global delivery resources from India. That door opened for them due to their confidence in Silver Tree’s clarity, accountability and deep expertise enabling successful global delivery for their clients.


  • 50% cost reduction, with a team in India double the size, producing twice as much as compared to the original NA team that was displaced
  • Dramatic increase in the performance/application responsiveness to the client transactions. Silver Tree’s client’s customers have acknowledged how this has greatly propelled their digital capabilities.
  • Eradication of the backlog of 400 work orders and code defects transition from previous provider.
  • Integration of equipment planning, site survey planning and procurement with the existing and new ERP systems.
  • No committed delivery milestones were missed once plan was interlocked with client. A first for this client’s experience with other providers.


  • Silver Tree’s client’s customer was thrilled by the dramatic improvement.
  • Silver Tree’s client’s relationship solidified with their customer. Client is now completely comfortable expanding and leveraging Silver Tree’s global applications development capability.
  • With team size doubled, a path was opened for increases in scope and continued growth and revenue

STRONG ROOTS RUN DEEP: Silver Tree not only responded to the challenge of turning around a failing application, but also reduced costs 50% and doubled the size of the production team for future growth, proving the value of their experience and global delivery governance framework.

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