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Reduce your dependence on business and IT service providers!

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Reduce your dependence on business and IT service providers!

Need more agility? Control at lower costs? Automate.
Smart Process Automation (SPA) by the numbers…

  • National Bank: Automated 235 processes. Result: 40%+ cost savings & 20% less FTEs* used.
  • Multinational Broadband & Telecommunications Provider: 15 core processes automated Result: Hundreds of FTEs saved or redeployed, payback period 12 months, 3-year ROI, 700%.
  • Global Bank: Only 10% of millions of invoices reviewed due to capacity constraints. Transformed to 80% automation. Result: 99.6% accuracy rate, projected FTE reduction in 2016 is 55%.

*FTE – Full time equivalent of a staff member to work eight hours a day.


Need SPA Results? Yes, we are in the business of providing managed, outsourced IT services & solutions. Yes, we are suggesting you become less dependent on managed services. Reduced dependency, increases agility.  
Ready to increase your independence? 
John Petronzi has joined Silver Tree as the Principal Lead for Smart/Robotic Process Automation: Executing digital transformation strategies and automating business processes and technology services operations.
Automation Drives:

  • Labor cost reductions
  • Process efficiency
  • Enhanced agility
  • Better customer experiences
  • Analytical insights


Interested in learning more about automating your technology and business processes? We’d love to answer your questions and explain how Silver Tree’s team can help.  Our team, led by John Petronzi will determine the best automation tools and technologies for your business. We oversee implementation and help you achieve dramatic ROI, cost savings and increased accuracy.


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