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Application Modernization/ Management

Application Modernization – Improve longevity, usability, functionality, and accessibility of current systems

Optimize for the future. Legacy technologies and infrastructure shackle productivity of people and processes and inhibit business growth and innovation. Deliver competitive advantage with agile business processes based on new technologies and architecture. Silver Tree enables enterprise modernization to ensure technology and business process evolution are in sync.

Applications Increasing? Complexity and Cost to Support Increasing? Under tremendous pressure to:

Optimize application costs and reduce cost of operations year over year?
Integrate digital innovation into traditional application managed services?
Automate support processes to the highest possible level?

Silver Tree will decrease your costs AND optimize application support services, whether business-as-usual or digitally innovative applications. Our methodology and application managed services include: Transition & Shadow Support, Steady State and Continuous Improvement.

Predictable Outcomes

Our strategic and legacy application maintenance and support services integrate in-depth application analysis to discover innovation opportunities, allowing clients to derive predictable outcomes and leverage emerging technologies. We integrate automation and app modernization to facilitate self-support enablement and practice a shift-left approach to adoption and process improvements to focus on quality.

Outcomes Delivered:

  • Higher application uptime
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction score (CSAT)
  • Improved deployment quality
  • Enhanced ecosystem maintainability
  • Lower cost of support and quality
  • Faster time to market and a more responsive support cycle


Our efforts toward continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)—often referred to as the key pillars of DevOps—have helped us automate application maintenance and support for our clients, offering them bottom-line benefits.

We introduce the concept of Intelligent Process Automation, giving clients the combined benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and DevOps in continuous application maintenance and support.

Silver Tree also focuses on test case automation for sustained support and maintenance, enabling insight gathering for process improvement.

AI/ML bases KM Hub

Silver Tree sets up a well-designed knowledge management (KM) hub for clients, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), adding greater value to application maintenance services. From the initial knowledge transfer process, we bring in innovation through the KM hub design and Learning Management system (LMS). The chatbot-enabled KM hub is integrated with a known error database (KEDB) to facilitate quicker resolution of tickets.


Our recommended approach towards AMS is a CRAWL-WALK-RUN approach, as we get into Run Phase, Silver Tree urges organizations to modernize legacy applications, helping them take advantage of social, mobile. analytics, Cloud and other digital technologies, without completely re-building core systems. An architecture-driven approach enables us to successfully accomplish application modernization initiatives by defining crucial tasks accurately, omitting the ones that are irrelevant to the specific scenario.

Process Re-engineering – Optimizing Support and Maintenance Operational Costs

Silver Tree reengineers support processes to optimize trouble shooting and operations for engineers. We also automate support processes to enable self-service support. By providing deep insights into processes, we promote a shift left approach that helps the team proactively identify issues and fix them.

Proactive Maintenance, Including Legacy Applications

Silver Tree offers innovative maintenance services that proactively ensure the good health of our clients’ IT applications as opposed to frantically reacting. Our services include:
  • Insights-gathering to facilitate informed decision-making and preventive action
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) to eliminate recurring issues
  • Technical debt elimination and reversal
  • Static code analysis of applications to derive actionable insights and bring down maintenance costs
  • Business KPIs notification
  • Monitoring and housekeeping
  • Performance testing

Want to learn more? View our various assessments and case studies. We welcome the opportunity to explore how we can help you.