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Governance is NOT a Constraint

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Governance is NOT a Constraint

We need structure and accountability in our personal and professional life. We also need the means to communicate with everybody involved in a project and manage change to be effective. Without governance, whether at the project level or at the enterprise level, organizations are putting themselves at risk dramatically, and the probability of success is reduced tremendously.


Governance should NOT be considered a constraint, instead, an enabler of success. It does not need to be bureaucratic and should be tailored to the complexity of the challenge or initiative. It enables the organization to focus their energies in the most effective way to assure the best outcome possible. The lack of Governance is the constraint as it causes organizations to waste time and energy and is why most change initiatives fail.


IT Governance drives innovation, allowing your staff the freedom to be creative, experiment, manage, and deliver projects while giving managers the information and tools necessary to insure quality, manage risk, and reduce costs.


A strong IT governance program provides the framework to effectively plan and implement the future of your company while maximizing your current capabilities and resources. IT Governance effectively leverages internal groups, external vendors, current technologies and consultants across multiple geographic regions that allows for successful implementation of both small and large initiatives.


Governance needs to include a framework for the development of a shared strategy operationalized by providing both accountability and resources. This includes:


  • Clearly defined “Shared Vision” supported by specific strategies with clearly defined “End State Goals” and initiatives.
  • Identification of “Key Stakeholders” and clearly defined responsibilities
  • Executive sponsor that is responsible for and owns the strategy
  • Establishing a single owner for each major strategy, objectives and initiative
  • Creating, documenting and maintaining clearly defined requirements to support the planning and implementation of all required initiatives.
  • Systematic auditing and review of all ongoing initiatives to ensure support of clearly defined strategy and there is no overlap with other initiatives.
  • Establishing and maintaining a comprehensive executive reporting and escalation process
  • Establishment of a change control initiative that includes both a change board to managed the ongoing changes but also a cultural change program to facilitate and encourage change within the organization change
  • Ensuring that the proper budgets have been allocated, utilized and adjusted to allow successful implementation of planned strategies, objectives and initiatives

To name a few!


Silver Tree IT Consulting & Services implements IT Governance programs that correlate the overall corporate requirement between the IT and business organizations, and their available resources, in a natural and continuous process.


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