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Automation in Place? Watch out for the ROI Catch 22…

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Automation in Place? Watch out for the ROI Catch 22…

We hear it over and over from our clients – we need to eliminate our dependency on 3rd party consultants for ongoing automation innovation and maintenance.


But… we don’t have the knowledge or talent resources to build it in-house.


SOLUTION: Silver Tree enables clients – at a lower cost and with less risk – to build a Robotic Process Automation Competency Center in-house – eliminating total dependency on 3rd parties.


A fully integrated team trained on your automation tools and productive within 4 months,  with no reliance on a 3rd party consultant or systems integrator. After eight weeks of training, your team works on your specific applications, databases, and operational challenges, so that productivity is gained during the post-training certification period.

DIY (hire-by-hire) vs. Cohesive “Pop-Up” Team in Place in Eight Weeks

If your organization has identified a long-term need for production ready automation resources – in locations consistent with your operational footprint – to drive internal automation that yields attractive ROIs, here are a few things to consider:

  • Trained automation experts are hard to find and expensive when you do find them. The industry is growing so rapidly, there is just not enough supply.
  • Trying  to do it with your own internal HR team probably doesn’t work very well. First, it is difficult to define the type of skills required, these skills represent a new set of requirements in the digital age. Second, stringing out the hiring, one by one, reduces productivity. One person trained, needs to train the next, taking away from that person’s productivity.  Instead, you can be up, ready and producing within eight weeks-popping a team in place, like the big system integrators do… for 20-25% less.
  • With a team in place that identifies a set of processes they can implement in the next three months, you can quickly implement a quarterly sprints program that produces a fairly predictable ROI stream for the enterprise
  • Training your own group, as a group, creates the notion of cohesion and commitment to the people that trained them. It also helps prevent high attrition rates, in a market that is very, very active for trained resources. Highly trained people that the recruiters know all about, are hard to find, require 20 to 25% more salary and are quick to move to the next highest bidder.


The Value of an Internal Competency Center when you partner with Silver Tree Consulting & Services

Acceleration – A team of Trained & Certified Resources, functionally productive in two to four months

Quality – Candidates drawn from a pool of 200+ motivated, competent candidates with the requisite skills, selected based on a structured screening process

Risk – Candidates selected are compensated at competitive market rates in a very hot area where attrition is high

Productivity – Your team will not only be trained and certified, but through mentoring, they will be more productive as the result of coaching from an experienced professional

Immediate Value – Because Use Cases training encompasses your methods, applications and processes, your team will be knowledgeable and actually delivering value in the certification phase

Bottom Line – Silver Tree’s approach delivers exceptional value, using a proven methodology for less than an internally run program would cost. Our guaranteed outcome delivers faster results, higher productivity, and much lower risk

ROI Catch 22 – be gone!


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