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Cloud Solutions Misalignment- Insurance Enterprise

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Cloud Solutions Misalignment- Insurance Enterprise

 A multi-billion $$ global insurance company asked Silver Tree to assess their infrastructure and provide recommendations for a more efficient, cost-effective cloud strategy and cloud solutions.

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Microsoft (MS) and incumbent service provider were not in alignment on the best cloud strategy and solutions. Silver Tree engaged to provide 3rd party unbiased recommendation:

  • Private or public?
  • Basic or dynamic?
  • Resources?


  • Identified and analyzed every step of the proposed cloud journey
  • Gap analysis
  • Developed service roadmap specific to their particular business lifecycle stage
  • Put in place a senior MS Exchange/Office 365 Architect and MS Azure architect to work with incumbent managed services provider
  • Developed optimized solution for public cloud deployment
  • Oversite, solution assessment and quality control.
  • Performed quality assurance  review of documents and technical review of solution to ensure rightsizing of resources by MS


  • Silver Tree delivered an objective assessment of client’s private cloud proposal detailing the trade offs vis-a-vis MS Azure, allowing client to make an informed decision
  • Client positioned to better negotiate services needed
  • Silver Tree developed active program to put MS Azure in place, providing oversite for hybrid solution of MS Azure and the private cloud provided by incumbent service provider
  • Provide ongoing Quality Assurance & Technical Validation of both MS and the incumbent’s work.
  • Silver Tree’s MS Azure architect in place designing and building out competency center.


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