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FinTech Application Modernization

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FinTech Application Modernization

Company Profile – One-stop shop international FinTech to assist customers with the loss of wallets, mobile phones, credit cards, and other important documents, most importantly, managing anxieties!

Scope/Needs  – Build, enhance and maintain full-fledged portal, back-office operations, partner management and CRM system to manage the business and day-to-day activities of 40,000 customers, details:

  • Customer portal to showcase offerings, attract customers, enable online purchases and manage membership
  • Partner portal for back-end batch jobs, back-office operations and CRM  to ensure day-to-day activities are not affected
  • High agility required to support feature modifications and day-to-day business requests


  • Built, enhanced and maintained the critical customer-interaction application for customer-facing portal, back office operations and a CRM system used by call center executives using Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Open CMS, Sugar CRM, Oracle 11g
  • Web service integration with existing 3rd party systems and Sugar CRM
  • Compliance to ISO 27K and certified against top 10 vulnerabilities of OWASP


  • Ability to interact with customers over different platforms through a single portal
  • Easy to use portal with superior customer experience
  • Quick turnaround time on queries from consumers by Call center agents
  • Allowed volumes of customers from partners such as banks, travel companies, and retail channels to be on-boarded

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