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How an IT Managed Service Consultant Adds Value to Your Business

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How an IT Managed Service Consultant Adds Value to Your Business

How an IT Managed Service Consultant Adds Value to Your Business

Businesses need to depend on technology solutions that are both efficient and secure to remain competitive in the digital world. For small businesses that may not have the resources to establish an internal IT team or mid-size organizations whose IT is inundated with daily operations tasks, it is critical to understand how best to work with and benefit from IT Consulting Services and IT Managed Services. These services offer substantial support and expertise to aid organizations in optimizing their technology investments.

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) streamline internal operations by relieving clients of time-consuming tasks and reducing potential risks associated with in-house operations. MSPs make it easy for companies of all sizes and across various industries to access affordable and dependable IT expertise and assistance at a fraction of the cost.

Armed with industry-specific knowledge and skills, MSP experts excel at reducing business downtime. They achieve this through proactive monitoring that detects issues before they escalate, resolving them swiftly due to their extensive training and experience.

As such, a managed service provider is contracted to be an extension of your current IT department, or it can serve as your entire IT department. They provide leveraged expert skills, committed service levels, and cost management, freeing you up, to focus on business growth & transformation.

What is an IT Consulting Service?

IT consulting services, on the other hand, are more focused on how your business takes advantage of information technology. You may also leverage an IT consultant when you have a project that needs completion, or your company needs guidance due to growth or changing industry dynamics.

IT consulting services provide clients with the deep experience of an expert who is knowledgeable about your specific requirements. This gives you peace of mind when making technology decisions because consultants bring with them deeper expertise and domain knowledge.

IT Consulting + Managed Services = Business Desired Outcomes

Providing both IT Consulting and Managed Services to address the IT services needs of any organization is a unique service that not many providers offer.

IT Consulting serves a crucial function in helping companies optimize their technological infrastructure, enhance operational efficiency, and ignite innovation. Delivered by external IT experts, these services collaborate with businesses to craft tailored strategies and solutions.

With a comprehensive grasp of technology requirements and how they align with your organization’s needs gained through IT Consulting, IT Managed Services evolve into a strategic, outcome-driven approach. They take charge of handling, managing, and maintaining technology and tech systems, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core objectives.

Silver Tree is a managed IT service provider and consulting company. Using a proprietary and proven methodology, we partner with organizations on selecting, implementing, and determining the best approach to managing specific technologies based on a well-planned and executed assessment of the overall IT environment. We then adopt an all-encompassing approach to IT management, covering ongoing maintenance, vigilant monitoring, and steadfast support for a company’s IT infrastructure, functioning as an integral component of a company’s internal IT team, overseeing daily IT responsibilities, and guaranteeing the seamless and efficient operation of systems.

How IT Managed Services and Consulting Can Benefit Your Business

USE CASE: Managed Infrastructure

A leading nonprofit organization providing education and skills training to young adults whose program includes job skills training and internships for underserved students was facing challenges with their internal IT services and applications. The issues were impacting the delivery of critical services to end users and slowing down processes for efficient operations.

Additionally, the incumbent service provider was not meeting expectations and has caused the organization to spend 90% of its IT budget on operational support leaving no resources for innovation and transformative IT.

Using the Silver Tree proprietary methodology, The Silver Catalyst™, close collaborative work with the internal teams was executed to assess the current state of IT services and its supporting infrastructure. Based on the results of the joint assessment and agreed parameters, Silver Tree subsequently recommended and implemented systems and process changes and took over Managed Infrastructure and Client Application Services.

Desired outcomes achieved:

  • 40% reduction and savings in Managed services cost
  • Availability of investment funds for business transformation and improved application systems from cost savings
  • Gaining visibility into service performance and consumption levels
  • Increased efficiencies for improved end-user service at a lower total cost of operations (TCO)


Many businesses discover that a blend of IT consulting and IT-managed services provides the optimal mix of strategic guidance and hands-on support necessary to excel in today’s fiercely competitive environment.

If your business aims to optimize its technology infrastructure, bolster security, or navigate the intricate terrain of digital transformation, consider collaborating with a seasoned IT consulting provider that has solid expertise and experience in IT-managed services.

With the right IT support, your organization will be well-prepared to address the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by the continually evolving technology landscape.

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