Albert J. Risdorfer

Advisory Board

Al Risdorfer is a senior human capital executive with 30 years of experience specializing in human resource management, talent optimization and cultural alignment on a worldwide scale. He has experience in various business and organizational models ranging from Fortune 300 companies to small/mid-sized entrepreneurial organizations in varied and diverse yet largely technology-based industries. He is widely known as a thought leading, innovative, outcomes-driven talent and cultural strategist. He is expert at creating differentiated market-facing capabilities, establishing cultures of high employee and client engagement, and in developing effective leaders. He is a certified Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors, and holds a Bachelors degree from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and a Masters in Organization Development from Antioch University.

Silver Tree offers Comprehensive Reporting:

Our ITAD program provides comprehensive reporting on all major activities to not only ensure compliance with complex governmental regulations but ensure full traceability and transparency on all of the assets we manage on your behalf.

Audit & Report

Each asset received into our facility network undergoes a value-based audit based upon it’s type, age, and condition, whereby we destroy data through eradication of valued HDDs and shred the balance of HDDs. Each asset is tested and we capture the serial number, model, configuration and condition of each asset.

Certificate of Data Destruction

All storage media assets are eradicated or physically destroyed and we provide a ‘Certificate of Data Destruction’ depicting the serial number, model, destruction method, technician name and destruction date

Certificate of Recycling

When older equipment reaches a state where it no longer has any useful life in part or whole form, it must be recycled responsibly, and we ensure that it is done so in strict compliance with our “zero landfill/zero export” policy. We provide a ‘Certificate of Recycling’ depicting serial number, model, weight and recycle date.

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