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John Tomeny

Practice Lead, IT Asset Management

John Tomeny is an internationally recognized IT Asset Management standards author and educator. He provides Software & IT Asset Management and Optimization services to Silver Tree clients, helping organizations to significantly reduce their spend on SaaS, on-premise licensing and hardware. Mr. Tomeny works with client organizations to reduce risk, manage compliance, and lower the costs of software and IT operations. He leads assessments of client IT operations and software optimization to build ITAM/SAM strategies aligned with the unique needs of each organization. John holds CSAM certification and he is the only ITAM professional globally to be awarded both the IAITAM Fellow designation (in the U.S.A.) and the ITAM Review’s Lifetime Achievement Award (in the E.U./U.K.) for his extensive work in the ITAM profession over nearly three decades. John currently serves as Editor of the ITAM Standards Five Year Strategic Business Plan, and Ethics Chair of the ITAM Forum ( A few examples of his work include:
  • Worked with a US automotive manufacturing sector company with 10,000 computers and IT assets in the United States, Russia, China, and the Philippines to identify and generate over $1-Million in real cost reductions (4 month engagement).
  • Conducted an internal audit for a non-profit academic organization with a $4 million annual Software as a Service (SaaS) budget found $500,000 in unnecessary spending across their top five SaaS products (2 1/2 month engagement).

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