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Timothy P. McNamara

VP, Client Services

Tim McNamara is a seasoned Senior Executive with more than 40 years of success across the IT, manufacturing, aerospace, and defense industries. Tim previously led CSC’s 2nd largest client relationship, he also led all of Infrastructure Services for CSC’s North American business. Tim is responsible for leading major strategic transformation programs for our clients. Leveraging extensive experience in optimizing resources and maximizing productivity through innovative ideas resulting in increased profits and market penetration, he is a valuable asset for technology companies in need of expert guidance in the areas of business transformation, operational improvements, or change management initiatives. His broad areas of expertise include operations, divisional transformation, technology upgrades, infrastructure management, resource planning, project management, negotiations and governance. Throughout his executive career, Tim has held leadership positions at companies including CSC, Cap Gemini America, and Mobil Oil Corporation. Recently retired from 16 years in Director and VP roles with CSC from 2000 to 2016, he concluded his run with the IT transformation specialists as Director and Global Delivery Executive for the company’s AT&T Strategic Alliance. In this role, he led a “reverse transformation” of the global outsourcing footprint by taking 2,000 employees from CSC to AT&T for end user support. The complex process required consent from labor unions and the global client base, but ultimately resulted in a large revenue boost for AT&T and significant cost savings for CSC. Previous roles centered around IT infrastructure services, where he managed groups as large as 5,000 employees with a $1.5 billion budget. This followed five years with Cap Gemini America, where he led a textbook transformation as outsource Program Director and Account Executive for Ralcorp. Here he spearheaded the spinoff of Ralcorp’s human food units from the Ralston Purina pet food division, necessitating a transformation away from the parent IT mainframe to an enterprise-wide distributed computing environment. He has also been responsible for leading a turnaround for an aerospace company’s floundering IT outsourcing business, where he developed a “people, process, and tools” strategy to swing revenue $94 million over five years from the red into the black. He earlier spent two decades with Mobil Oil, providing support and management in areas including marketing, supply chain, and information systems. Tim holds a BS in Business Management/Computer Science from New Hampshire College.  

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