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Complex Federal Program Turnaround

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Complex Federal Program Turnaround

Federal Grant Program – Program Turnaround 


BUSINESS CHALLENGE:  Silver Tree Services was asked to turnaround and modernize a complex multi-state $90MM TCV Unemployment Insurance (UI) federal program.

Each state was to produce developmental edits based upon specific State Laws and Policies. System to be delivered in two sections: Benefits and Tax.

Specific issues:

  1. Questionable management, planning and project structure
  2. Ineffective communication between program team and executive team
  3. Development timelines ignored
  4. Requirements scope creep
  5. Fundamental lack of trust


Goals of the UI Consortium Program:

  1. Design and implement a state-of-the-art UI system for each partner state
  2. Modernization to be based on a system developed by the lead State
  3. Designed and funded by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL)

Program Management, Relationship and Communication skills implemented for reboot

  • Interview all personnel and reassess the timelines and requirements of each team.
  • Open honest communications with team members and executive team
  • Realign the teams and priorities
  • Re-establish all relationships to enable better communication throughout the program


Critical success factors achieved:

  • Realignment of communications between all levels of management – removed silo’s of communications
  • Focus and executive / political alignment & sponsorship within the State
  • Developed relationships and communications with Partner States and Vendor
  • Re-established SDLC Best Practices
  • Re-established budgets and understanding of all costs moving forward
  • Gained trust of the Team, Executive Management team and the Partner States
  • Opened communications with Development Vendor

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