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Automation Center of Excellence – Debunking the Bottleneck Myth

Yes, a Smart Process Automation Center of Excellence (SPACE) is a rigorous structure of governance, management, processes and roles. No one is saying you have to do it this way, but… If you want to get the most out of … Read MoreRead More

Large Financial – Microsoft Exchange Turnaround

Silver Tree Delivers an Enterprise Business Solution   Issue: A large financial enterprise ($15 Billion+ ) was experiencing daily outages and poor performance with Microsoft Exchange – a recent move from Lotus Notes. The business required a stable messaging system … Read MoreRead More

Digital Transformation: State DMV Legacy IT Program

37% of projects are at risk of failure.* Frankly, 37% understates the real issue. Programs that don’t deliver on schedule or budget and that miss the value mark? Exponential.    Failed attempts at digital and business transformation? Turn-around team not … Read MoreRead More

Disrupt or be Disrupted: Enabling Digital Transformation with Smart Process Automation (SPA)

40% of the Top 10 Incumbents in Each Industry Will Be Displaced.   Technology is continually changing the business landscape leading many market leaders to be at risk for disruption. Silver Tree Consulting & Services webinar  (broadcasted live May 2017) … Read MoreRead More

Digital Transformation: The Main Driver of Business Disruption

  How much disruption? 40% of the top ten incumbents in each industry will be displaced in the next five years.    The effect of digital disruption on business has the potential to overturn incumbents and reshape markets faster than … Read MoreRead More

Silver Tree Has Reached a Tipping Point…

As we closed out our first year (actually only 7 months in 2016) and move into 2017, we have some exciting news. Richard Ricks provides a quick update on Silver Tree Consulting & Services’ AMAZING first year and what is … Read MoreRead More

Reduce your dependence on business and IT service providers!

Need more agility? Control at lower costs? Automate.   Smart Process Automation (SPA) by the numbers… National Bank: Automated 235 processes. Result: 40%+ cost savings & 20% less FTEs* used. Multinational Broadband & Telecommunications Provider: 15 core processes automated Result: Hundreds of FTEs saved or redeployed, … Read MoreRead More